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A Bump in the Road

Jul 25, Melissa rated it it was ok. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy and miserable and whiny as I was when I read it , then it is manageable. Otherwise, I wouldn't read this. It was a wake-up call for how negative and cranky I must sound and was a constant reminder to STOP complaining.

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When her and her husband get unexpectedly pregnant, her life has to change - and fast. But get over it. Dec 26, Donna Munoz rated it it was amazing. Smartly written and super funny. This was a quick read for me while on break and just what I needed. It's a bit dated now as old as my twins , but it only makes the references even funnier.

Loved the narrative voice. I'm probably not the target audience for this, but it still pulled me in. Laugh out loud funny! So entertaining to read - I actually laughed out loud several times! A perfect beach read!


Dec 16, Carly G rated it really liked it. I decided to take a break from the dramatic books that I usually read and try something funny, something that would make me laugh. That's exactly that this book did. The main character in this book is Clare Finnegan, a party planner in Chicago. Clare and her husband of one year, Jake, found out that a crazy weekend in Vegas was going to lead to a crazy nine months.

They're having a baby.

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The book is a diary of how she gives up nights of partying to get ready for her baby. As funny as this book is, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. I'd say that the target audience for this book is girls sixteen to upper twenties. Girls in this age range have an idea of how terrifying it would be to find out that you're pregnant and you're whole life is going to change. The reason that I'd say anyone older then twenty six or twenty seven might not enjoy this book as much as someone in the age range might, is because of the way it's written.

It's written just like a diary and since it was a comedy, I think the writing style worked perfectly. Older women might want more of an intense story.

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Besides, women in their thirties that are pregnant probably weren't surprised like Clare was. Lucky for me, I haven't had to worry about any pregnancy scares and I know that I won't worry about it until I've settled down and decided that it's the right time to have a baby. So I can't say that I know what Clare was going through when it came to facing an unexpected pregnancy, but I do know what it's like to be faced with something life altering. When I was younger, my brother was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Not only did it change his life but it changed my life to. It really changed my whole family's life. We went from being worry free and ignorant to the problem with my brother to being fearful of what was to come, just like Clare. When Clare found out she was pregnant the first thought that ran through her head was, "Does this mean there's something growing inside of me?

She was trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she was pregnant and I was trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my little brother had a kidney that didn't work. Overall, it was a really great read. It was a refreshing change of pace for me and that was nice.

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Aug 15, Melinda Elizabeth rated it it was ok. This book left me confused a lot of the time. It was written as though there was an assumption that you know the characters, although I don't think an established series is the case as I wasn't able to determine if this is a sequel or something similar. A lot of the time I was left wondering why I should know all of this information about characters personalities, in fighting and jokes. It made the reader feel a little bit isolated from what was going on in the story.

Another beef I have with thi This book left me confused a lot of the time. There's a lot of good that such a style can do for a book, however I think in this case it left the author rather open to the opportunity for unfortunate writing, with the excuse "well that's how 27 year olds talk". It gives the impression that Claire is a particularly poor blog writer, which is odd considering she boasts about a large reading audience. I certainly wouldn't want to read her blog if it was written in the same way as some of her journal entries.

There are relationships that are discussed in the novel that appear to have no satisfying resolution. Reese is the prime example of this. We understand her to be Stepford-esque in her appearance, manner and household duties, but whilst Reese and Claire skip around the marriage woes discussion many times too many if you ask me there never seems to be a reason for her misery, and there's no outcome from this ongoing theme in the novel.

And you should all know by now that I dislike having to read something that's not going to be resolved by the end of the book - it makes me think it's just a filler, of which this book already has far too much of. If you wanted to read something along this vein I'd almost be tempted to recommend Miley Cyrus' twitter feed, she seems to have far more witty things to say than the protagonist in this novel.

Good luck with this one! Jun 01, Jennifer Daiker rated it it was amazing Shelves: chick-lit. Maureen Lipinski is brilliant in this tale of the unexpected pregnancy. The main character Clare was the perfect blend of sarcasm and just plain old fashion humor. Going through the journey with her and her nicknames for the little baby inside her will keep you chuckling all the way until the end.

During the process you will either remember the time when you were pregnant and realte, or almost think about postponing pregnancy for a few years. That is until the end when she realizes what an aweso Maureen Lipinski is brilliant in this tale of the unexpected pregnancy. That is until the end when she realizes what an awesome journey and experience pregnancy really is.

Maureen Lipinski is a riot and after reading that she became pregnant shortly after it just made the story that much more heart-warming. Jun 18, Marie Carlino rated it really liked it. Another pregnancy story : Hurrah!

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This is a story about a successful career woman who enjoys her job and the freedom that comes from being child- less parties, shopping for expensive designer clothes etc. All of this changes after a weekend away in Vegas that resulted in a massive hangover. This hangover ended up lasting 9 months and had some unusual symptoms mixed in with the norm. Nausea, food cravings and bloating aren't too strange but what about needing to pee all the time? Wake up Clare Another pregnancy story : Hurrah!

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  • Wake up Clare you're not just hung-over, you are also pregnant. This book is quite funny and has an unexpected ending. Apr 29, Michelle rated it really liked it. How absolutely adorable is the first book from Maureen Lipinski? Blogger extraordinaire and event planner Clare Finnegan finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and we go with her on the journey as she deals with weight gain, mom jeans, annoying in-laws, feuding best friends, crazy co-worker from hell, sisterly bonds, and the discovery that her cat is a klepto drag queen.

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