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Sunday Without God is a fantasy , supernatural Japanese anime series based on the light novels written by Kimihito Irie and illustrated by Shino. Around this time human beings had lost the ability to procreate while simultaneously a pandemic known as the Half-Dead Fever gripped the world, causing twenty thousand deaths and reanimating their corpses. Since there was no sure way to grant rest to an undead person, the gravekeepers started appearing and were able to put the dead to rest using special burial rituals only they can perform.

Ai Astin is one such gravekeeper, and when she meets a mysterious stranger calling himself Hampnie Hambart, she slowly starts to learn the true nature of their world. The anime is produced by Madhouse and directed by Yuuji Kumazawa, with series composition by Tomoko Konparu, character designs by Shinichi Miyamae based on the original designs by Shino, art direction by Junko Shimizu and sound direction by Satoshi Motoyama. The series was picked up by Crunchyroll for online simulcast streaming.

A flashback shows Lady Alfa and her daughter Ai overlooking their village, with the former expressing a desire of changing their village into a place equivalent to Heaven where the dead can be happy. As their travels continue, Ai learns that Hana had seemingly abandoned Hampnie ten years previously and in addition that Hampnie is searching for a way to end his life, since the thought of being the last living human terrifies him.

Just as Ai deduces that he merely acts cruel to hide his pain, they are discovered and Hampnie kicks Ai off the bridge into the river below. Ai awakens to find herself on the bank with Julie who reveals Hampnie had saved her from an ambush but was hence kidnapped. Julie also notes that Hampnie does not like meaningless violence and has his own sense of morality, and he shows Ai a picture of Hampnie's lover, Hana, who Ai shockingly acknowledges as her mother.

Julie then calls Hampnie an undying monster, and Ai yells at him, saying that she wants to find Hampnie and to stop him from becoming even more twisted. Julie decides to help Ai rescue Hampnie and then they are approached by Scar. Elsewhere, Hampnie reawakens to find himself held captive by a band of undead psychopaths. Their leader, a man called Hiko starts taunting Hampnie, who reveals that his true wish is to live a happy life and then contently die with few regrets while surrounded by those who care for him. Just then, Scar and Ai come to Hampnie's rescue much to his objection.

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Ai walks into the room and reveals a shocking revelation to Hampnie that she is in fact the daughter of Hana and also of realizing that everyone in her village had died long ago but they had pretended to be alive for her sake. Finally, with backup from Julie, Ai and Scar incapacitate the undead psychopaths. After accepting this revelation, Hampnie and Ai have a tearful father-daughter reunion, with the former revealing his true name: Kizuna Astin and as his wish is finally fulfilled, Kizuna dies the death he always wanted.

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Ai arrives at the citadel and much to her horror witnesses Kiriko removing the covers blocking Ulla's sense of sight at which point her gaze extracts the life from the people, who are hence reborn as undead. Just as Ulla turns her gaze upon Ai, Julie rescues her at the last second, and are joined by the man in the lion mask. The man explains that Ulla is Koroshiohake, with her power of death being Ortus's dark nature. Ai refuses to believe that Ulla knows the true nature of her power, believing that Ulla had been deceived just as she was, at which point Kiriko appears and confirms this whilst accepting responsibility for the deception.

Kiriko further explains his desire to protect Ulla from the harsh reality of their world ever since being appointed as her teacher by Ortus's elders and that he wants the deception to last until Ulla remains as the last living human, thus making her powers meaningless.

Ai counters by remembering Kizuna's fear , but Kiriko remains adamant in his decision due to his love for Ulla and instead questions whether Ai would have had the same resolve. That same night, Ai visits Ulla in the castle and reveals the truth about Ortus and both of their powers, which is confirmed by a saddened Kiriko. Ulla explains to them of suspecting something had always been kept hidden from her, but chooses to contently accept everything; her ability, Kiriko's painful task, Ortus's nature and herself, only lamenting of being unable to truly interact with Ai as friends should, but embraces her nonetheless through Kiriko.

Kiriko explains that Ulla's mother hatefully wished death upon all humans at her deathbed, granting the unborn Ulla her power; which was rejected by her twin, Celica. Finally much to everyone's shock, Scar realizes Celica had been calling out to her, and upon Scar's touch, the child enters the flow of time. Ai and the other students discuss an escape plan. Volrath Fahren and Hardy want to elope, and Rune Sagittarius aspires to go to Espia, an underwater city. However, some of them don't have a place to go, especially Tanya who refuses to leave due to her family issues. Nevertheless, Ai encourages Gigi Totogi, and the Gedenburg sisters, Mimieta and Memepo, to leave as a way to start a new life if they want, but Tanya is still unsure, and she envies Ai's willpower.

Later after class, Ai talks with Tanya about chasing her own dreams and how her late parents unveiled her real world. Later, in the clock tower, Alice, Dee, and Ai confer that their dreams to save the world are different objectives.

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The next night, now with the iron grill broken down, the students prepare their escape; however, Ai chooses to stay behind for Tanya's sake. Fortunately, Tanya decides to deport Goran as well. Just as they all make it outside the campus, the headmistress Mageta encounters them and threatens to shoot. However, thanks to Alice's special ability, "Buzzer Beater," he is able to shoot down her bullets. Knowing she is outmatched, she allows the students to leave.

Following Celica's directions to Scar's location, Ai had sends a letter to Ulla and Kiriko explaining their recent adventures.

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After escaping Goran Academy, Tanya returns to her parents' home, as the other students decide to stay with Tanya's family until they decide their own destinations. Alice and Dee travel with Ai, Julie, and Celica. Driving through wastelands, Julie relates Scar's identity crisis, since gravekeepers are naturally emotionless individuals.

Soon Dee realizes that the day before was Alice's birthday, much to Ai's dismay. Ignoring Alice's protests, Ai convinces him that it's important to celebrate one's birthday, and ask Julie to bake a cake. At night, Alice apologizes and thanks Ai for her kindness. Later, after arriving in a foggy ominous land known as the Story Circle - the birthplace of gravekeepers - they encounter numerous identical gravekeepers being "born" and passing by. Julie explains that identical gravekeepers are categorized as "families" such as the Bezel and Beeny families , and he also notes that some gravekeepers are unique, like Ai's mother.

As Dee decides to depart, Ai, Julie carrying Celica , and Alice walk through the fog when they unknowingly got separated. They all began to see illusions within the fog of their lives' most significant memories: Julie sees his deceased wife and daughter, Alice notices a strange open window of his past, and Ai sees her parents Kizuna and Hana.

Confused and depressed, Ai begins to lose hope until she spontaneously remembers what Kizuna and Hana taught her were the essentials in life. Finally they find Scar, and Julie reassures her how Celica is important to her, no matter if she a gravekeeper, and he promises to protect her, while Ai and Alice think he is proposing to her.

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Ai and Alice play basketball together, and when Dee overhears Alice's conviction to sacrifice anything he must to free Class , she decides she will create her own world by first destroying the old. In the morning, Ai hears from Dee that she is going to tell Alice the cause of everything, and asks her to go with her afterwards.

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At the basketball court, Ai meets up with Alice and wonders what will happen next. Dee then arrives in the classroom when she kills a male student, and the rest of the students are shocked when they see him revive. Ai and Alice then notice that Dee is forcing all the students of Class to remember the incident of that day, and the world begins to reset itself drastically. They run for the classroom while Dee attempts to repeat that same day by jumping out of the window again as means to reset the world and herself.

Meanwhile, Julie and Scar witness a fog-wave that threatens to swallow Ostia. Dee begins to fall, but just then an epiphany suddenly strikes her - it was actually Alice who died that day.

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Alice grabs her, then Ai and all of Class pull them to safety in time. As the fog-wave retreats, Alice realizes the truth and remembers how he died while saving Dee from falling. He convinces Dee and the other students of Class to depart for the outside world and experience real life, thanking them for caring about him so much. While the world is vanishing deliberately at last, Alice reveals he was buried by a gravekeeper in the outside world, and he implores a crying Ai to go as God's observer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anime News Network.

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The series contains examples of:

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In medias res , Ai Astin confronts a mysterious stranger in her town who seemingly kills all the townsfolk. Unwilling to listen to the man's reasoning, Ai furiously attacks him, but he easily overpowers her. But actually, this book is precisely about meaning and fulfillment and fullness and significance and satisfaction and happiness and blessedness in life. Futility of futilities, everything is futile. The reason he begins this book that way is because he wants you to find true satisfaction, true significance, true happiness, true blessedness, true meaning in life, fulfillment and fullness.

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He wants you to find those things. It's very important to realize that. The following of Christ does not mean the abdication of happiness and blessedness. Die to yourself. Follow me.