Manual A Geographic Perspective of Cuban Landscapes: 15 (Landscape Series)

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A Geographic Perspective of Cuban Landscapes | Jennifer Gebelein | Springer

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They were fast friends and really enjoyed their time together! What is your profession? I am a physical geographer. I have been classically trained in geographic information systems and remote sensing.

This means in the analysis of digital datasets resulting in maps and satellite image processing. I also teach.

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We are proud of the selection of artists participating in Unsettled Landscapes. These artists represent multiple generations and regions throughout the Western Hemisphere. In addition, we have also included key works of art from previous decades that further expand the ideas of the show. Our aim was to curate a dynamic exhibition that shows how themes of landscape, territory and trade weave throughout the work of artists from every corner of the Americas.

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Landscape Perspectives : The Holistic Nature of Landscape

Beginning in the era of the Spanish conquest and taking the reader right up to the present day, this book focuses on how the landscape of Cuba has changed and evolved into the environment we see today. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Life Sciences Ecology.