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How can we address urgent challenges to food security and measure resilience to shocks in the horn of Africa?

PANKYES DATOK: Study abroad to tackle challenges at home

Philip DeCosse looks at the possibility of building a "resilience sentinel network. Fluctuations in water availability caused by climate change can have huge public health ramifications. In this blog post, Wan Lee argues that sometimes the solutions to these burdens can be found outside the health sector. Agriculture insurance is a critical tool to help farmers mitigate risk, but expanding access to it is no small challenge. Expert Peter Nash shares four best practices from Uganda that are in line with a newly released guide from Feed the Future.

One out of every six people worldwide is a youth. After pitching and scaling a digital platform, Roula Moussa, CEO of Netways, shares insights on how the development community can better engage the private sector.

Climate and Health across Africa - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science

As Venezuelan migrants navigate challenges in host countries, the private sector must play an active role in maximizing their economic opportunities. At the Information and Communications Technology for Development Conference, experts from more than 70 countries convene to explore the role of technology in global development.

By putting high-quality, low-cost appropriate technologies and best practices in the hands of hundreds of thousands of rural poor and smallholder farmers while linking them to demand-driven private sector partners, MARKETS II is improving productivity, incomes, resilience, and access to diverse quality food. What is the role of technology in creating viable, sustainable markets?

In Georgia, one project is using innovative digital solutions to transform the agricultural value chain and empower local actors to reach their full potential. Are drones the key to moving life-saving supplies, picking up lab samples for diagnosis, and even testing results on return flights?

Manisha Aryal and Scott Dubin share insights. Contact Us Join Our Team.

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Aflasafe is a solution that reduces poisonous Aflatoxin levels in staple crops. Its commercialization improves food security and promotes resilience. Project Goals.

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Projects Impact Stories News and Blog. Supporting the Peruvian Government to Promote Alternatives to Coca Peru is making significant strides in reducing coca production in rural communities. Establishing a Land Market in Tajikistan Tajikistan is pursuing its next stage in land reform: establishing a land market to ensure the orderly transfer of land rights. Accelerating Agricultural Growth in Pakistan In the most populated region in Pakistan, new policy and investment is giving a boost to agribusinesses and creating economic growth. Creating Economic Growth in Haiti Investing in Haiti's agriculture sector helped to modernize agriculture, reduce flooding threats, and create strong linkages between farmer organizations and private enterprises.

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Afghanistan Afghanistan is working to strengthen the agriculture sector in western provinces, where a significant portion of the population relies on farming and agribusinesses. Improved Livelihoods and Nutrition in Tajikistan To address widespread nutrition deficiencies and food insecurity, smallholder farmers in Tajikistan must increase, diversify, and add value to their agricultural production.

Changing Lives in Haiti Through Agriculture Sixty percent of people in Haiti rely on the agriculture sector to survive, and although crop yields are still extremely low by international standards, progress is being made. Boosting Food and Economic Security in Afghanistan In southern Afghanistan, where farmers and businesses have lagged behind in production and sales, interventions to promote better farming and agribusiness practices strengthen the economy.

Building the Economy and Promoting Peace in Colombia More than five decades of conflict and negligible government influence in rural Colombia have forced its people to grapple with poverty, violence, and a weak economy. Using Evidence-Based Analysis for a Food-Secure World An early warning system that provides timely data and evidence-based analysis helps the international community identify and respond to populations that lack access to safe and nutritious food.

Connecting Space to Village Science, satellites, and information technology are transforming how countries manage critical development challenges such as climate resilience and environmental management. Building Climate Change Resilience in Mali Climate change is severely affecting vulnerable populations in Mali that need greater access to meteorological information and guidance on how to use it to create effective agricultural activities and plans.

Breaking Down Barriers to Agribusiness in Uganda In Uganda, where half of all exports are agricultural, crop yields are low, but the public and private sectors are collaborating to improve agricultural production and make it easier for farmers to do business. Changing Agriculture Policy in Ghana In Ghana, policymakers want to improve the agricultural sector, but first they must identify and implement the correct policy reforms to achieve that goal.

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Toward a More Competitive Economy in Ukraine Through a broad-based economy and the ability to compete in international markets, Ukraine is on a path to increased economic power and political independence. Promoting Private Sector Employment in Lebanon A stronger business environment for private enterprises in Lebanon will help increase employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens.

A Stronger Private Sector in Pakistan Socioeconomic stabilization of vulnerable areas in Pakistan is of strategic interest and an urgent priority of the U. Building Economic Opportunities in Georgia By focusing on economic development in rural communities, Georgia was able to reduce poverty levels and improve food security for thousands of people. Energizing Farming and Agribusiness in Bosnia and Herzegovina Aiming to enter the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina must improve the economic value of the agriculture sector. Stronger and Healthier Households in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan farmers are getting linked with buyers, financing, training, and inputs to sustainably increase incomes and improve nutrition in an effort to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable populations.

Increasing Access to Justice and Enhancing the Rule of Law in Rwanda Access to justice is a crucial factor for Rwanda in combating poverty, promoting peaceful resolution of disputes, and enhancing the rule of law. View All Projects. Rice Farming in Nigeria — Come Rain or Shine Farmers in Nigeria improve their incomes and national food security by learning how to cultivate rice during the dry season. Empowered to Thrive in Tajikistan The success of female farmers in Tajikistan starts with a culture of collaborating, learning, and adapting.

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Teaching Modern Methods in Tajikistan Farmers in Tajikistan are improving their livelihoods by learning about and applying modern agricultural methods to their fruit orchards. Many flood-hit districts are cholera hotspots, where people already faced limited access to health facilities. With many roads now impassable, and an upsurge of malaria and diarrhoea, the situation for many is critical.

In the Central African Republic, recent floods have left 23 people displaced. WHO is distributing mosquito nets, cholera treatment, and other vital supplies to tackle water-borne diseases.

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That said, African governments have come a long way in making intra-continental travel easier and more affordable. It is when we work together, pool our resources, partner and share our best knowledge that we can do much more. Dealmakers descend on Johannesburg next week for the 2nd annual Africa Investment Forum, aimed at raising capital and turning a …. Andela will continue running its junior-developer training programme with the Rwandan government at its hub in Kigali.