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Born Free.

A Man and a Woman. Strangers in the night. In a village in the Northern Province of Kenya, a human is killed and eaten by a male lion. British senior game warden, George Adamson Bill Travers is sent in to kill the menacing lion and also his female, who charges him in defence of her three cubs.

Ansel Adams's Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar

George brings the three cubs home to his wife Joy Virginia McKenna and raises them. They name the cubs Big One, Lastika and Elsa who is the youngest and the one which Joy and George become especially attached to. When the cubs get too old, the older two are sent to Rotterdam Zoo but the Adamsons choose to keep Elsa.

Some years later, Joy and George soon have to travel to Kiunga as George has been told by his boss, John Kendall Geoffrey Keen about a lion who is killing goats in a local village. George successfully manages to kill the lion and he and Joy are able to share a special holiday with Elsa, where they introduce her to the Indian Ocean. On returning to the Northern Province, the Adamsons learn that Elsa has caused a massive elephant stampede.

Kendall states that the Adamsons can no longer keep Elsa and must find a zoo to take her in. However, Joy instead wishes to teach Elsa how to survive in the wild, which Kendall reluctantly gives her and George three months to do. Initially, they attempt to introduce Elsa to a male lion, which does not go to plan - they leave her overnight with a fresh zebra kill but return in the morning to find her all by herself.

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Elsa is constantly taken out to the bush but fails to make a kill, getting attacked by a warthog on one of these outings. Eventually, Joy and George decide to leave Elsa in the bush for at least a week and change the location of their camp so that Elsa can become more independent.


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However, they find her severely injured possibly by wild lions. Joy still believes that she can teach Elsa to survive as she opposes sending her to a zoo, where she will have no freedom. This proves to be a good decision as Elsa eventually starts leaving the Adamsons for days at a time and eventually makes several kills.

The Adamsons thus take her out for her final test - an attempt to join a wild pride. Elsa manages to fight a wild lioness and is accepted into the pride - Joy and George are overjoyed at their success but promise to see their dear friend again when they return to Kenya. A year later, the Adamsons return to Kenya and are given a week to find Elsa. They are overjoyed to see that Elsa has succeeded as a wild lion and is now the mother of three cubs.

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However, Joy and George both agree that they will not interact with the cubs, allowing them to survive as wild lions. Free Cancellation. Prices Facilities map reviews House Rules. Superb Total Reviews.


Downstairs is a cozy lounge with plenty of sofas and tables. We provide guitars, chessboards, a book exchange, free city bikes and maps for discovering Bangkok's forgotten neighborhoods and self-catering facilities such as a refrigerator, boiler, toaster, microwave and cutlery.

We use only high quality ingredients from the local markets and royal farming project. Don't miss out on our local weekly events such as street soccer nights, night bike tours, club and night market nights. If travel information is needed, we also run a travel agency called Born Free Travel, so guests may inquire or book transportation, tours and accommodation in Thailand directly on-site.

Born Free - Short Film - Starring Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Mohan - Cheers!

This hostel has three dormitory style rooms and one private room. A basic 10 bed mixed dorm with shared bathroom. The Room has rotating fans on the ceiling for the top bunks and a small private fan for each bottom bunk. A standard 12 bed mixed dorm with air condition and shared bathroom. This Room has a more creative bunk bed setup in which dividers can be removed allowing couples and good friends to sleep next to each other. Every bed has a reading light, personal pouch and a comfortable thick blanket. A superior 6 bed mixed dorm with air condition. The room has an en suite bathroom with hot water and a cozy balcony with comfortable sofas.

This dorm is also suitable as a private room. Visit it us at www. Superb Based on reviews.

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The hostel was nice, everyone was friendly, when we ran into a weird situation while at the Grand Palace we called the hostel and got clear information that helped us make it through all the scams. Nice quiet environment but the staff worked real hard to make sure people felt included and talked to. The owner and staff are super nice and it was a nice change of pace from the party hostel vibe as this feels like a little oasis! They have bikes for rent and will set up tours and are overall super accommodating.

Nice place good little vibe not too loud at all nice aircon. Cafe across street which does good food.

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I am revisiting the hostel since , whenever I am in BKK as it is a great place to stay.