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The Secret Army. With its mixture of sci-fi action and coming-of-age themes, Kadish's series is an intriguing candidate to fill the void that was created when J.

Rowling penned the final Harry Potter novel. That is probably why the first Earthman Jack book has become such an unexpected success.

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Not since Harry, Ron, and Hermione has a book hit all the right notes with fans - magic, adventure, mystery, romance, strange creatures, dastardly villains, and a powerful message of hope and friendship meant to inspire readers. After its release, Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet sold nearly 4, copies and ranked 1 on Amazon's 'Superhero Fantasy' and 'Cyberpunk' bestseller lists.

The book also hit 25 on Amazon's general category for 'Science Fiction Adventure', and 48 on their overall 'General Science Fiction' list. And with close to 5-star reviews, this exciting new series is quickly building a rabid fan base. It's clear to see why critics are calling it " Harry Potter meets Star Wars. The new book picks up where the first left off and continues the adventures of Jack Finnegan , an underachieving teenager from Ohio who flies a magic spaceship and becomes the most unlikely of heroes in a galaxy-spanning conflict against an army of aliens seeking to destroy all life in the universe.

Book two in the saga ups the ante with more action, more intrigue, and more laughs. Fan favorite characters are also returning for the sequel, including the hulking alien Grohm, the space pirate Scallywag, and the evil genius robot, Heckubus Moriarty. Fans of science fiction and fantasy will not want to miss out on this rag-tag group's adventures as they fight against a new and terrifying threat from the evil Deathlords, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance.

Some of his critics would call him the luckiest of his species, though which is not entirely unfounded considering some of the situations he was able to survive. And though he would arguably become one of the greatest heroes this universe has ever known, he did not start out that way.

In fact, his story really starts the morning of the invasion of the alien menace, in a very modest trailer home, in a small town known as River Heights, in a place known as Ohio again, in the United States of America when he was only 15 years old. Once upon a time, in a quaint stretch of land overlooking one of the many cornfields of the neighboring town of Red Mills, was a place known as the Eagle Hill Trailer Community.

But the locals simply called it The Hill. Instead, the people who lived on The Hill made do with long, rectangular shaped dwellings often referred to as trailer homes. It was in one of these structures that Earthman Jack Finnegan lived. An army of frequently neglected potted plants were stationed out front among the weeds and crabgrass in an attempt to beautify the shabby lot on which it was located.

Despite its yellowing, discolored exterior, and its rickety, home-made, wooden carport which was perpetually leaning ever so slightly to the left, one could say that the trailer was, without a doubt, the best kept dwelling in Eagle Hill. By Earth standards, the trailer on lot number 7 was looked down upon as being rather low class. But even if the trailer did not afford its inhabitants a life of luxury, the dwelling was big enough to house both Jack and his mother, store all their earthly possessions, and protect them from the elements of nature.

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Though it performed all three of those tasks rather poorly, it still accomplished them, and that at least was good enough for Jack. And if an outside passer-by were to look upon the trailer in lot number 7 and regard it as a sad, modest dwelling, then the room in which Jack slept every night was even more cause for pity. The rest of it was littered with posters featuring professional wrestlers, kung-fu movies, and the occasional hot babe.

It was here that Jack sprawled out on his bed, tangled in a mess of faded blankets with starships and superheroes stitched onto them, snoring loudly, with just a hint of drool staining his pillow. As the light lingered on Jack, his snoring suddenly subsided, and he opened one of his eyes, only to be blinded by the sun. Instinctively, he rolled his face back into his pillow and was about to enjoy more of his much-valued slumber when a thought suddenly leapt into his head, and that thought went something like this….

Jack shot up in bed, his light brown hair sticking out at odd angles, his green eyes puffy and half-closed from sleep. He turned his head toward the window.

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From ten years of sleeping in the same bed, next to the same window, Jack instantly knew that if light were coming in, he had, in fact, overslept. Jack groggily turned to the digital clock duct-taped to his wall. The big red numbers on it read Sure enough — he was late. At that, Jack leapt out of bed, stubbing his big toe in the process. Trying to ignore the pain, and not bothering to change out of the black boxer shorts he had slept in the ones with pink dollar signs stitched on them , he kicked up the nearest pair of jeans he could find and yanked them on.

Rummaging through a pile of shirts on the floor taking care to choose the one which was the least smelly , Jack slipped one on, grabbing a pair of socks and stuffing them into a raggedy old ink-stained bookbag, along with a textbook and a notebook or two. Wasting no time, Jack rushed out of his bedroom, grabbing his shoes on the way out the front door — not noticing the sweet note his mother had taped there, reminding him that his lunch was packed in the refrigerator, and not to be late for school again!

Jack emerged from the chain-linked enclosure of Eagle Hill onto Detroit Street, hopping and skipping as fast as he could as he tried in vain to slip on his worn sneakers while still keeping forward momentum.

In the distance, he could see the bright orange-yellow school bus as it rumbled down the road, having just missed it a minute or two earlier. Jack yelled as he continued to run and put on his shoes at the same time. Stop the bus! Once it became clear that the bus had, in fact, not heard his plea, Jack had no choice but to take off after the vehicle as fast as he could. In this case, that honor belonged to one J. Rowdey and his friends Kev, Jimbo, and Moose — four guys who seemed to pride themselves on how big their muscles were, how perfect their hair looked, and how much grief they could inflict on others not deemed as cool as they were.

You got that right, interjected Jimbo, lifting his fatty upper body toward the window to get a better look. Who knew the little booger could run so fast? Sure enough, Jack was running his heart out, and gaining on the slow-moving vehicle. Ten bucks says he makes it. Yo, Moose…. Okay, said Moose, moving to get to his feet before stopping, a confused look crawling across his face.

Uh… how? Make something up. Shut up, responded J. Hey — hey loser…. The bus had made its next stop, picking up the kids from the Johnson farm, giving him the chance he needed to close the distance. Rowdey, the boy cocked his arm back and chucked an orthopedically enhanced sneaker right at him, catching him dead in the forehead.

Jack stumbled and fell, holding his throbbing head as he hit the ground.

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In the distance, he could hear J. Jack lay on the side of the road, breathing deeply of the crisp, cold morning air, and rubbing his noggin where the shoe had tagged him. There was no doubt about it now; he was going to be late. And if experience had taught him anything, it was that his dreaded homeroom teacher, Mr.

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Shepherd, was going to smack him with yet another detention for his tardiness. Before getting up and continuing the long walk to school, Jack took a moment to relax and let his legs recover from the workout they had just gotten. As he stared up at the cloudless blue sky, he thought to himself:. Because though his morning started out bad, things were going to get much, much worse…. River Heights High School was a fairly large, yet unremarkable building bordered mostly by farmland and a few quaint shops that catered to high-school-age clientele, providing the necessary fast food, caffeinated drinks, and places to dilly-dally after school that most teenagers on Earth had come to depend upon.

Jack spotted the large dirty-granite colored building in the distance, its school flags hanging limply at its central flagpole. First period would no doubt be wrapping up by now. Not that he cared, since he had Social Studies first period and was always bored to tears there. All students were required to check in at their homeroom class after first period so attendance could be taken and announcements read. Freshman year, Jack had Ms. Jack smiled at the thought of Ms. Deitz, with her large, bulky dresses that would have looked better upholstering a couch than being worn by any sane human being and her black horn-rimmed glasses and perpetually-permed hair.

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How he wished he had her again. Shepherd had taken over the physical education position at the school. No one really knew all that much about him, and rumors had started flying since his first appearance at the beginning of the school year. Some kids were convinced he used to be a Special Forces assassin for the military.

Some theorized he might have been a prison guard for death row inmates. Others just thought the man was pure evil. Jack was certainly one who fell into that category. He demanded utter obedience from those in his class. And he had a piercing stare that would put the fear of God into even the most rebellious of kids. Most students simply counted the seconds until the end of their classes with Shepherd, keeping their heads down and their mouths shut until they were able to make their escape. Since Jack had landed in Mr.

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet

Whether it was coming to school late, speaking out of turn, or just looking at the man funny, Jack seemed always to be on the receiving end of Mr. Jack was getting so much detention, it was almost becoming comical. Indeed, the battle of wills between Jack and Shepherd had been escalating as the school year progressed. But Jack saw Shepherd as a bully, and Jack was never one to give into bullies even if they did have the power of detention on their side.

Shepherd sat at his desk by the chalkboard, scribbling something in a notebook. The man had eyes in the back of his head. As Jack settled into his seat, he glanced over to the desk next to him.