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I expect Wall Street would approve of buybacks and acquisitions.

Perceptron claim their Intelligent Illumination is a breakthrough, allowing control of the laser lines without having to move the sensor. Reviews from employees on Glassdoor are currently poor, but only based on two reviews. Results and the shareprice will be volatile until the company is bigger and more diverse regarding products, customers, and end markets. I expect management realize that diversification at the expense of neglecting automotive would let bigger competitors grab market share.

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This links to their home page. Clicking the software link gets a page where the graphics show robot arms and small boxes probably packaged goods. The company seem to be mostly about warehousing, palletization, packaging, and reading barcodes, etc. Faro cover diverse applications, including Crime scene analysis, checking an object against its CAD design on a computer for quality control , and Accident reconstruction, where a wrecked car can be 3D scanned and compared to its CAD design to identify deformation.

Cognex is about 30 times the size of Perceptron, and Faro about 7 times the size, by market capitalization. All three companies have generally good free cash flow, although Faro had negative cash from operations in their latest quarter. They all have strong balance sheets. The capital strength sugests: 1 Free cash flow has been good over many years, and the companies are not anxious to spend until new officers are appointed.

They have made at least one other acquisition. Industry consolidation is mentioned in SEC filings, as a possible cause of increased competition in the future. Google have shown interest in robotics, and machine vision is an obvious fit, but they might be happy developing the technology they already have:. Google use an efficient algorithm instead of neural networks. Possibly the most relevant acquisition is Industrial Perception Inc.

That will end due to the cheap camera technology as used in mobile devices, cheap computing power available in the cloud, and open source applications integrating all the software tools needed. I expect that competitive pressures keep interfaces as intuitive as is necessary in many cases. They need to be sure that there are no obstacles to communication between their kit and whatever the customer wants it to communicate with. Gocator 3D Smart Sensors are in the 3D laser scanning, measurement and control area.

The sensors can interface with web browsers, and the SDK software development kit is open source. This gets tricky. The Open Source development kit is another matter, and it might be better to go Open Source early than be the last in the industry to adopt it.

Users might benefit from standards that made software and equipment interoperable, but standards could be a problem for suppliers who want their products to be differentiated.

The Future of Pharma Contract Manufacturing

With thanks to Seeking Alpha for their policy of allowing quotes from their transcripts. The policy can be found at the end of the transcripts. The article I link to has some tips. Apart from the usual risk of investing in little miners, graphite can be made from crude oil, but it costs twice as much as natural graphite. I might have more chance of doing good by putting a reader off investing in graphite mining than by giving the link. Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. Synchronoss have long provided activation services for telecom carriers, and were too reliant on a single customer.

The carriers can use Synchronoss services to grab a slice of cloud revenue, rather than let others get all the benefit from adding value to the communications service the carriers provide. I wrote about Synchronoss on February 27, below. They recently released results for the quarter Q1 This might not be reflected in the share price fully until analysts put their research out. From the transcript:.

And based on these early results, we are seeing favorable underlying trends around cloud adoption as these new devices hit the market. A few other points: The tools and open interfaces in the Synchronoss developer program allow third parties to engage, and Napster have shown interest. Accounts receivable is up, and Days Sales Outstanding are up from 60 days to 85 my calculation , compared to the previous quarter Q4 The rise in DSO is explained by unusually high cash collection in the previous quarter, which is probably reasonable, and DSO is expected to normalize to levels over Synchronoss still have a genuinely strong balance sheet, which I believe generally helps with honesty.

What I like are signs that the Synchronoss snowball will get rolling. The Beneish M-Score gurufocus. The Altman Z score is currently above 10, which is well into the safe zone above 2.

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General Mills, Inc. The company has had steady growth and a growing dividend, although the yield is currently only 2. The dividend and investment are financed from cash from operations. I expect the dividend growth is sustainable. The share count fell in the period, for both basic and diluted. General Mills have used a system they call Holistic Margin Management since It informs many of their business decisions, and seems to work well. Companies that have had a suitable system for several years appear to benefit, at least at the operational level.

General Mills page on Seeking Alpha. None of the problems look like company-killers, and given time General Mills is most likely to outgrow whatever hits it. It would be more serious if consumers stopped buying branded food from branded food companies. General Mills Investor Relations. This means that Synchronoss benefit when carriers use Synchronoss services to grab a slice of cloud revenue, rather than let others get all the benefit from adding value to the communications service the carriers provide. My first comment lists some details from the strong balance sheet, which I like to see, especially in a growth company.

Growth also occurs as new carriers are signed up, and also as existing carriers sign up for more services from Synchronoss and as Synchronoss develop new services. One limitation for growth in three directions is the limited number of big carriers.

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The investment has been big but it could probably support a lot more revenue and income than the size of the investment. From the K:. I hope they feel well motivated, and are motivated constructively. Investors need to weigh that performance, and the growth opportunity, against the earnings fall, and rising stock-based compensation which is bigger than Net income.

There are plenty of other considerations. I regard Synchronoss as a speculation, not a lifetime hold, but they are better than many speculations due to the cash they have and the cash from operations. Gurufocus manage to double that.

Results have improved and the company is likely to benefit from various tech-trends. Writing the program is a lot easier and cheaper than designing a new chip, although a purpose-made chip is more economic when a sufficiently large number of them are needed. The first comment under the article is from someone who has backed up the truck.

The M-Score gurufocus.

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The Altman Z score gurufocus. Perceptron Inc. The share price has been volatile since September and has recently shot up.

Obviously, this is very risky. If you are interested, read the article, do your own research and decide for yourself. Perceptron are a global non-contact vision and metrology company. Their Helix system uses lasers to accurately gauge where things are, to give machines a sort of 3D view. This gives the gurufocus M-Score , but it looks so steady in the chart I wonder if gurufocus have a problem calculating it. This gives the gurufocus Altman Z score , which has more credible variation, and is well into the safety zone. The situation is discussed in the comments under the article I linked to originally.

By avoiding under-rewarding in individual cases, the rewards at the top will keep going up. The question is, will this make the majority of people poorer?