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Bedrückende Details der Kriminalstatistik: Immer mehr Kinder werden Opfer von Gewalt

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12222 Annual Conference of the European Network on Gender and Violence

Gangs from Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro have a strong tendency to use violence and according to police, they are not discouraged by ordinary police as they have fought in the Yugoslav Wars. Gangs from the Balkans are active in illegal gambling, protection rackets, narcotics trade and human trafficking. The Yugoslav wars also mean these gangs have access to firearms, where thousand weapons were stolen in Albania alone. Albanian mafia families are active in some of the German urban centers, in particular Hamburg. They play an important role in the drug trade and the red light districts of the country.

Albanian "banks" in Germany are a special story.

They are used for transferring money from Germany, which amounts to one billion Euros a year. The computers were nonfunctional, the printer had never been used. So, in a single one-way trip, it was possible to carry up to six million D-marks. BND reports state that Albanian mafia activities are thoroughly spread throughout Germany.

One mafia family in Hamburg, for instance, according to BND reports, has over " million euros in real estate portfolios". Further, the clan has considerable ties to police, judges, and prosecutors in Hamburg. According to British criminal Colin Blaney in his autobiography 'Undesirables', Albanian criminals in Germany also frequently come to blows with British criminals who operate in the nation. Albanian people traffickers have been involved in confrontations with an English organized crime group known as the Wide Awake Firm, including an incident in which a member of the English group was stabbed through the hand.

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The Zemun clan is active in Germany and mainly involved in drug trafficking and prostitution. Members are largely ethnic Serbs , some of them former soldiers, but Montenegrins and Bosniaks from the Serbian region of Sandzak are part of the ex-Yugoslavian gangs as well. Money laundering , prostitution and extortion seem to be their activities of choice. Russian criminal activity doesn't only concern ethnic Russians but also Russian Jews which was evident with the arrest of Mikhail Rabo, a senior member of the Jewish community in Berlin and a high-ranking member of the Tambov gang.

Very often these gangs and the Russian groups are named together in one breath even when they have little to do with each other. Another major form of Russian-speaking organized crime in Germany consists of so-called criminal Aussiedler families. While a lot of Aussiedlers adapted well and quickly mastered the German language, a lot of families held onto the traditional lifestyle they lived in Russia and surrounding states. This led to the formation of individual as well as clan-based groups of Aussiedlers involved in organized criminal activities such as drug trafficking , extortion , prostitution , as well as extreme violence.

Due to a large number of Aussiedlers they are seen as the major form of Russian organized crime in Germany. Turkish crime groups which consist of ethnic Turks , Laz and Kurds from Turkey are active throughout Germany in extortion , weapon trafficking and drug trafficking. Often the gangs can be linked to political groups from their home country, such as the Grey Wolves for right-wing Turks and Dev Sol for left-wing Turks and Kurds. According to the report, alongside their more traditional fields of drug smuggling, gangs are also increasingly turning their attention to burglary, car theft, and fraud.

The Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper claimed that the Osmanien Germania was advancing more and more into the red-light districts, which increases the likelihood of a bloody territorial battle with established gangs like the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Especially in cities such as Berlin , Hamburg , and Bremen Middle Eastern clans are highly active in heroin trafficking as well as being involved in the bouncer -scene.

Middle Eastern crime families mostly have origins in Lebanon , Afghanistan mainly in Hamburg and Morocco mostly in Frankfurt.

Middle Eastern crime clans come from different backgrounds, but the most numerous of them are the Lebanese Mhallami clans such as the Al-Zein Clan and the Miri clan among others. According to a research conducted by the Abba Eban Institute as part of an initiative called Janus Initiative , Hezbollah has built up its own international drug trafficking and money laundering network, with mafia-like structures. The research is focusing on the ties between organized crime and Hezbollah and found clans in Germany that are specifically supporting Hezbollah.

According to the Abba Eban Institute, members of the three Shiite extended families Chahrour, Berjawi and Balhas are based in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia, and are deeply involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Lebanese clans are active in drug trafficking , including Afghan heroin , cocaine , hashish and methamphetamine , weapon trafficking , extortion , prostitution and loan sharking.

The main center of Lebanese organized crime in Germany is Berlin , with other clans spread throughout Bremen and Essen. Afghan clans often of Pashtun background are active in Hamburg , a city with a large Afghan population. Like the Turkish and Turkish-Kurdish as well as Albanian gangs in the city, Afghan organized crime is active in hashish and heroin trafficking, extortion and prostitution.

"domestic violence" German translation

Moroccan organized crime groups, often of Riffian descent, on the other hand, have been reported in Frankfurt. Next to the Serbian mafia and Balkan gangs, the Moroccan organized crime has become one of the active main players in the Frankfurt underworld for heroin trade as well as other criminal activities.

Vietnamese groups active in human trafficking and cigarette smuggling have been reported in Germany. Chinese Triads on the other hand have also been reported but don't seem to have substantial power in Germany. The same report also indicated that petty corruption is not as uncommon as other European countries. In , the Wall Street Journal analyzed German crime statistics for crime suspects and found that the foreigners, overall In , According to the Huntington Post in February , out of each of the 15 state justice ministries, 12, Muslims are in prison.

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