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In the third episode of series two, we meet Loki and Sigyn, a trickster God and his wife bound together, tearing each other apart. With poison dripping down, the stakes raise and raise until something has to break. Written by James Cain. Log In Sign Up. The Witching Hours Follow. What happens when the clock ticks past midnight?

I will definitely read the rest of her books! This books was a easy read and hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud at many points in the book. The story is unique and a bit surprising.

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It has twists and does not follow the normal genre of a book. I enjoyed every second of it. I Read the entire book in three days only because of children underfoot. Otherwise I probably would have spent one whole night reading!!!

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SelinaMiyasia More than 1 year ago Wonderfully Unexpected! If you're looking for a traditional 'gods' book, don't read this Talk about something that would be the perfect prank but turns out to be more hassle than it is worth! The book is peppered with so many giggles and laughs that I couldn't seem to put it down! I can't say that about every book that I read, but this was certainly the case with this one. I'll be wanting to read more by this author, for sure!

Anonymous More than 1 year ago excellent novel, well written.

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Related Searches. Everything is a chess match, and Lady Hel is in it to win it! When the gods rewound time on Midgard to fix the latest shenanigans of Lady Hel and Loki, they made View Product.

Ice Burns: Ancient Darkness. Magic is as good as a death sentence. Chandra stands on the edge of what her Indeed this little self is a child of illusion. In the mythology it may appear strange that this beast is not slain before he has grown to his dangerous size but instead he is brought into Asgarth.

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It may also be a little puzzling that the only thing found to bind him was a chain forged by the dark elves. The dark elves themselves symbolise negative traits, be they uncontrolled sensual desires, material desires etc. We see in the mythology that untamed and loose this monster is a direct threat to the Odin principle, Higher awareness, and needs be destroyed before full realisation of the Odin consciousness is attained.

And what is a big fear in doing this? The second spawn of Loki or illusion is allegorically given as Jormungandr the World Serpent.

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The Tale of Loki Bound

A creature so vast it encircles the material world of Midgarth and holds fast unto it. Again what splendid imagery, for Jormungandr is symbolic of the material desires and unchannelled or uncontrolled vital life force we posses. Attachment to these desires and an inability to control the life energy are yet more obstacles, which hold us from attaining higher awareness and super consciousness. Illusion, our incorrect perception of the nature of reality and desire for the seeming pleasures or gains we find on the Midgarth realm of existence which illusion brings, holds us firmly to a lower level of reality than we can achieve.

Interestingly the life force in early Indo-European Aryan teachings is depicted as a serpent kundalini. Correct control of this force or snake leads to rapid evolution, but uncontrolled it is a danger. Another fitting child for Loki is this vast serpent. Indeed her very name is cognisant with Heil shining health etc. Once Odin consciousness is attained, the need for incarnation on Midgarth is ended but some may return by choice to aid their folk soul and people. But until it is attained then the process of birth death rebirth etc.

In that way we can easily see how a misunderstanding of Hel or a deliberate slur, could easily lead to Hel being called a child of illusion Loki. But this Goddess cannot be regarded as a child of Loki in the way Fenris and Jormungandr are. The grotesque aspect so highly played up by some, is pretty obviously due to the Judeo Xtian influence in seeking to demonise our Holy Deities and terrify the population with the dread of death.

Sleipnir also falls into this category. Sleipnir is that vehicle which transcends all realms. Sleipnir is not bound to one but can traverse with ease all realms. This shows there is a path and a way to travel, a vehicle by which all levels of reality can be experienced but not hold us in thrall. But again Sleipnir is not a child of illusion in the way of the Wolf and Serpent.

Sleipnir is imaged as an eight-legged horse, and this of course has many levels of symbolism. It is interesting, though not surprising, to note that various yoga systems practices which arose in the ancient Aryan times have eight steps or paths and also, within Buddhism there is the concept of the eight spoked wheel and eight stepped way to enlightenment. This article began with a contemplation of Balder and the significance of Loki in the Balder myths and so it is to this we return at the close.

As detailed in an earlier article in ORB, at the level of meaning we are dealing with here, Balder is representative of humanity and the individual and the destiny of each individual. In the myths, Balder, the most beloved child of the Gods, is troubled by dreams of ill omen and death.

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At this level, these are symbolic of the fears and desires we experience due to illusion and which hold back our evolution. Frigga, the force of Divine Love, attempts to protect Balder from these harms, but it is only by our own overcoming that we truly can defeat these things. But it is this divine love which will seek to draw us on our way upwards.

The Witching Hours

With no intent of harm, the blind ego is guided by illusion to do most harmful things. But until Loki is defeated, this cannot be achieved. So with us, until Loki is defeated and bound, we are unable to progress to Odin Consciousness, which is our destiny. Clearly then you will see why Loki is not honoured by the Odinic Rite, the Rite are not deceived into seeing him as a prankster who just went too far.