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Jenna hungrily seized the bill as soon as she noticed it, tears of relief in her eyes.

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This was at least two days of meals, maybe four if she stretched it. Or maybe it was new clothes?

She looked down at the four-year-old she was toting home and his scuffed shoes. Whatever this hundred dollar bill would turn into, she was thoroughly grateful for whichever rich fool had lost it. She wondered what they were missing out on.

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A new purse for their collection? A third smartphone, perhaps? Jenna pressed the money into her pocket and dragged her son along, moving faster than before. There was a building on the other side, as well as that number again.

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He played with it as he stumbled along behind his mommy, balling it in his fist and tearing its edges. It looked like all the other types of money, but it made his mommy very excited, so maybe this type of money was important. Could he get candy with this money, too?

Or maybe some new toys? The squirrel panted and twitched, watching the two humans until they left.

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Then he sniffed and noticed the strange leaf tangled up in the twigs. He crawled up to it and gave it a nibble, but quickly decided that this was not like the tasty treats humans sometimes lost. Whatever this was, though, it was very soft—perfect nesting material to protect him from the harsh cold of the coming months. The squirrel gathered his discovery in his mouth and bounded out of the bush, toward his nest. As the squirrel ran across the grassy lawn, it caught the eye of a massive brown dog, who gave chase.

The squirrel, unable to see past the bill it carried, made the tactical decision to drop it and flee.

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The brown dog almost dove into the bushes after the squirrel, but his owner, Cameron Strong, called him off. Cameron knelt to pick up what the squirrel had dropped, surprised to find it was not trash, but rather a hundred dollar bill!

See a Problem?

Cameron tucked the money into the pocket of his jacket, but by the time he rounded the block, it had already fallen out and back onto the street, landing in a fresh wad of gum. He saw in that bill a reason to keep going. He could get bandages. King has written hundreds of stories over his lengthy career and seen scores turned into screen adaptations.

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    Click to expand. Replay Video. Ringo Starr says it's a miracle he's alive after years of drug abuse. Ringo Starr has shared that can't believe he's still around after pumping so many drugs into his body over the years.

    Losing His Grip

    Cover Video. Cameron Boyce's family confirmed his death to ET on Sunday, explaining in a statement that he died of a seizure in his sleep. See more videos. What to watch next.