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Worth asked the Sentry if he too is Robert Reynolds, but the Sentry advised that he is merely an aspect of Robert. Cornelius then asked him to clarify which of the two aspects The Void or the Sentry is the real Robert Reynolds. The Sentry explained that neither he, nor the Void, represent the entirety of Robert Reynolds, as the two aspects do not even share memories. The Sentry then tells Dr. Worth how Reynolds really gained his powers as a teenager: by stealing the Professor's serum and ingesting it to get high. He also pretended to be insane, knowing all along that the Void was never really in the Watchtower's vault, so that Robert Reynolds would keep the Void dormant, and also not wipe Sentry from existence.

Worth tells the Sentry that he is not sure if Robert Reynolds can still do that.

The Sentry then bids Dr Worth farewell, telling him that he's going to seek out help to answer his existential questions. The Sentry then flies off and meets up with Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange uses his magic to peer into Sentry's memories and his life force. Doctor Strange finds that Sentry's life force is incomplete. While Strange and Sentry dialogue, a third voice can be heard speaking — though only the Sentry can hear it. The third voice tells Sentry that he is not real, and that he does not exist.

Doctor Strange, oblivious to the third voice, peers deeper into the Sentry's memories, and reveals that even the Sentry's own understanding of his origins are flawed. Doctor Strange finally uncovers a deep memory of a secret fortress-like building, that Sentry recognizes as the Professor's base of operations. Doctor Strange, suddenly overcome by panic and fear, shuts down the magic mind probe and begs the Sentry not to pursue this any further. The Sentry determines to seek out the base revealed in Doctor Strange's magic mind probe. Before Sentry embarks on his journey, he returns to Dr. Cornelius Worth's home, posting Watchdog to guard the doctor's family and Lindy Lee, who is present at the home as well.

Sentry wonders if he is truly Lindy Lee's husband, as he may not be the true Robert Reynolds. Worth begs Sentry to heal his sick daughter, who is in a catatonic state. Sentry declines his request, citing that if he showed preference for Dr.

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Worth's daughter, he would ethically have to do this for everyone. Sentry sets off to find the base and, after a short moment, Dr. Worth's daughter comes out of her catatonic state and speaks to her father — shocking the doctor, who realizes that Sentry had healed her anyhow. The Sentry finds the base in his memories, but it is destroyed. As he enters, the third voice in his mind grows louder and louder, telling him that none of this is real, that he is a murderer, and that he is not a hero.

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As he enters the base, the Sentry suddenly finds himself sitting in locked, padded room, frothing at the mouth, and in a straitjacket. Suddenly, a man's voice through a loud speaker tells him that he is a mental patient who has undergone shock therapy and has awakened from a deep slumber, and that his name is John Victor Williams. Sentry is told that his memories are false, and that he is, in fact, a crazed patient who brutally killed his next door neighbor, Melinda Jensen — whom the Sentry at first recognized as his wife Lindy Lee.

After a time, the Sentry seemingly accepts this new version of reality, believing himself to possibly be John Victor Williams, and a prisoner in a psychiatric care facility. The Professor is at the facility, treating him as his doctor. Sentry, now appearing in the body and form of Robert Reynolds, manifests aspects of his old memories, which the Professor dismisses as part of his delusions. Eventually, Sentry realizes that this version of reality is entirely a false mental construct, and that in reality he is strapped to a table, locked in a machine that is keeping him sedated and implanting these false memories.

Sentry breaks out of the machine, and sees that he is deep inside the base he had sought out — which turned out to be a secret S.

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Nick Fury is present, as is the Professor and Doctor Strange, who was revealed to be the author of the false mental constructs. Doctor Strange tries to explains that he was doing this for Sentry's own good, but Sentry refuses to hear it. He grabs the Professor, begging for an explanation.

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The Professor reveals that he has a thermo-nuclear device implanted inside him that will detonate if he reveals the true secret of Sentry's origin. When the Professor decides to tell him, Nick Fury activates the bomb, forcing Sentry to fly the Professor up into the stratosphere. Before the Professor detonates, he tells Sentry to seek out the Void in Antarctica, advising that the Void knows the truth.

The Professor dies in the explosion, and the Sentry heads back to Earth, heading for Antarctica. In a final battle at the Void's base in Antarctica which he calls the 'Hidey-hole' This was considered dangerous by the government because the Sentry's blood could be used to create more of the serum, enough for the entire world.

Several failed attempts were made to kill him. Enraged by this revelation, the Sentry throws the Void into the Sun, telling his enemy that he no longer needs him to balance his own actions of good. The Void promises to return. Next, Yelena Belova attacks the Avengers and absorbs the Sentry's powers. After Belova defeats each of the Avengers, she is defeated by the manifestation of the Void, which envelops and incapacitates her.

The Sentry tells Belova that absorbing his powers has exposed her to the Void, but if she answers his questions, he can send the Void away. The U. Unable to find any physical weaknesses or outrun the Sentry, Iron Man attacks the Sentry's mind; he remotely hacks CLOC and has Sentry barraged with unfiltered warnings about multiple devastating disasters occurring simultaneously throughout the world.

Unable to prioritize which alarm to deal with first, Sentry collapses to the ground in tears, utterly incapacitated. He accompanies a S. He then knocks Wolverine unconscious and hands him over to S. Trying to escape from the battle, believing that every path he can choose will ultimately lead to the death of people he knows one of his thoughts at this point consists of himself and Hulk triumphantly returning to Earth and 'ending' the war via killing all the heroes Sentry retreats to the moon, where he is confronted by the Inhumans living there. Believed a threat, he is ordered to follow them to Black Bolt 's presence.

Then, after a discussion of the Civil War events with the still unaware Inhumans, he rekindles his friendship with them and almost resumes his past relationship with Crystal. He is then confronted by Iron Man himself, who finally convinces a still reluctant Sentry to join him. It is stated that the Sentry publicly announces his support of the Registration Act three days after the climactic battle of the Civil War limited series. The Sentry is recruited by Tony Stark to be part of the Mighty Avengers , the newest incarnation of the Avengers team.

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While at first there is some dispute between the Sentry and his wife, Robert joins the team while Tony Stark and Ms. Marvel offer him assistance to battle his mental issues. In the battle against the female Ultron , the two prove to be evenly matched. Neither is able to win until Ultron uses a virus to down Stark's Helicarrier.

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Ultron then initiates "Plan B" and kills Lindy, the Sentry's wife. An enraged Sentry attacks Ultron once more. In an exchange of blows, Sentry is knocked away as Ares and Ant-Man proceed to infect Ultron with a virus intended to destroy it. Soon after, Sentry once again attacks Ultron, almost compromising the Avengers plan, nearly destroying Ultron by tearing its head off.

Before he can finish, he is knocked away by Ms. After Ultron's defeat he returns to the Watchtower to find his wife Lindy alive and well—having apparently revived her himself. Stark is later shocked when a terrified Lindy secretly requests that he find a way to either depower or kill her husband. The Sentry then aids the team when they attack Latveria but ends up stuck in the past with Doctor Doom and Tony.

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He is amazed to see his former self and the Void. He angrily attacks Doctor Doom until Tony explains what has happened. The Sentry finds them and Stark sends Bob into the Baxter Building so that they can use Mister Fantastic's time machine; since all memory of his past actions were erased by his 'spell', he can do anything in the past and be sure that it won't impact the present.

The Sentry gets to it, first having to deal with the Thing , whom he easily defeats. After he returns to present time along with Iron Man, he finds the rest of the Avengers engaged in battle with Doctor Doom. The Sentry quickly subdues Doom, who is then taken into S.