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The Pistons gobbled an unbelievable 24 offensive rebounds to the Celtics' four, while garnering 26 second-chance points. You don't have to know Celtics legend and color commentator Tommy Heinsohn to understand the issues stemming from holding the ball too often. Especially in the first half, the Celts seemed completely lost when dwindling the second shot clock. But offensive movement was clearly not, as exemplified by terrible execution and low-percentage shots. Rivers made a quick move to bring in Terrence Williams, but the issue remained.

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Simply put, players must move off the ball with better urgency. Without Pierce, every unit seems purposeless on the offensive side, leading to forced or highly contested attempts from the field. Problems consisted in the second half, with many failed plays leading to wasted possessions as the shot clock began to expire. Boston should have put Detroit to rest early in the second half—but the second unit's failure to move the ball, and failure to move without the ball, let it become a game again by the fourth quarter.

The Celtics had seven turnovers by the mark of the second quarter.

Jedi-like patience in less than 20-minutes.

Boston's guards largely contributed to such an indelible issue throughout the game, registering eight of the team's 15 miscues. They tied Detroit with 20 assists and 15 turnovers. That's not good—the Pistons not only rank 21st in team turnovers and 23rd in assists, but they also sit 24th in opponent turnovers. Crawford's aggressive penetration can be great for Boston's offense when he draws contact and puts in layups.

But he also causes problems when he dribbles into contact and cannot pass out due to sliding defense. His struggles may not show in the box score, but the keen eye notices his inability to hit the open man early or make the extra pass. Courtney Lee, who logged zero assists and accounted for a minus-two point differential in his 13 minutes of play, might be an even more important issue at hand.

The year-old guard continues to have a topsy-turvy year for the C's. Boston also tried its hardest to push the fast-break offense, with little to no effect—they only scored four points on the run.

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If the Celtics hope to make a serious playoff push, they will certainly need to improve their skills in transition. At one point late in the first quarter, Randolph took the ball off the dribble and made a spin move for a layup. Then he denied Monroe on the other side moments later.

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  6. You adapt to the obstacles, but you remain connected to the ground. Holly used SSP to help workshop participants develop new ways of thinking about an uncertain future, and for dealing with combinations of highly variable factors—such as changes in winter precipitation, which are critical for cheatgrass growth, and future funding resources, which are critical for implementing projects.

    The SSP method helps people expand thinking beyond day-to-day actions, to consider how factors may change and interact over time.

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    By the third day of the workshop, the participants—a great group of highly motivated and dedicated land management professionals from Great Basin state, tribal, and federal agencies—were skating and surfing along. They provided us with great feedback about using our two adaptation planning methods, and the contrast between the two approaches facilitated a lively and engaging discussion that forced people to consider various overlapping perspectives. For the researchers, it was amazing to see how the ACT process—which focuses on linear chains of logic to connect climate, environmental change, management opportunities, and management strategies—enabled the workshop group to apply logic statements to the mind-expanding SSP process.

    The combination was far more powerful.

    Our research team is reviewing and refining reports describing the lessons learned at the workshop, but we are also preparing for the next phase of our project funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA. A new national-level dataset on BLM lands offers us the opportunity to inform how the REA data can be used in climate change adaptation planning and management implementation.

    We have a webinar planned for October to build out the scenario sets developed in the June workshop. We are hopeful that many of the attendees from the first workshop will join us in November, and we anticipate an infusion of ideas from new attendees on how we can best start planning for the future in the Great Basin Region.

    The project website contains information about the project and the workshop described in this posting. Behr imagined a core character:.

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