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Former nun shares story in new memoir

Kohler sidesteps nothing; her private rage, regret, heartbreak, and revelation mingle unforgettably with the public shame of apartheid. Once We Were Sisters is an exquisite and devastating book.

Why are we passive when we should be active, and vice versa? What does it take for a young woman to find out who she is? What griefs, what losses must attend that discovery?

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How to account for the cruelty and self-indulgence of men, or the willed blindness and guilt of women? Paperback —. Add to Cart.

Nuns! A Memoir

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What happens to a normal year-old girl, giggly and interested in boys, who adores her family yet feels compelled to commit herself to a life that will demand that she never again visit her parents' home? And what leads Mary, "formed" and on mission, to make the decision not to take her final vows?

Here, the author invites the reader to enter the world of the young woman who made that journey, to wander the cloistered halls of the convent and experience from the inside the workings of cloistered minds and hearts. Mary Wong interviewed forty former nuns about the experience of convent life, interweaving their stories with hers in a candid, funny, deeply moving account of her training and adventures, and of the beliefs and doubts that persevere. Growing Up Catholic.