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The copyright fair use provision explicitly provides for classroom use of copyrighted material. Instructors and students may perform and display their own educational projects or presentations for instruction. Electronic Transmission or Broadcast of Classroom Presentation. This use would be considered fair use, as long as the presentation is broadcast for remote instruction.

This use would be considered fair use if the individuals are enrolled in a course and viewing the presentation for purposes of criticism, comment, teaching or instruction, scholarship, or research. This use would be considered fair use, if the videotape is used for educational purposes such as student review or if the videotape is for instruction.

Is this a fair use? The use of the photographs is fair use as long as the presentation is videotaped and rebroadcast only for instruction. This should be considered fair use as long as the electronic presentation is for educational or instructional use. This would be considered fair use for education, comment, criticism, or parody. One must inform the audience that changes were made to the photographer's copyrighted work.

Assume that permission was not obtained to use the music for the presentation. Can the music be included in the teacher's or student's initial presentation? The use of interactive video for educational instruction is considered a fair use. The answer is not clear. If instruction is occurring and there are no admission charges to the rebroadcast, the presumption is that it may be fair use.

The presentation contains the works of ten contemporary artists and is presented to a new class every semester. Yes, so long as access is restricted, e. The course contains copyrighted text, video, audio, and photographs relevant to the class.

If Institution A did not obtain permission to use the copyrighted materials, can Institution A show the videotape of the telecourse to students who have signed up for a telecourse at Institution A? Most experts believe that showing the videotape to students enrolled in the telecourse is a fair use. If Institution A did not obtain permission to use the copyrighted materials, can students at Institution B enroll and receive credit for the course at Institution B?

Parody: Fake News, Regeneration and Education

What if the telecourse is transmitted via the Internet? If the telecourse is broadcast and there is open access, the audience is no longer clearly defined. A rebroadcast over the Internet to a global audience is probably not a fair use. A restricted broadcast of the telecourse is a fair use. The database is used as a part of a distance learning course and is available on the institution's webserver.

Students enrolled in the course access the course materials from home, work, and other areas that are not traditional classrooms. Access to the database is controlled and available only to students enrolled in the class.

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The faculty member did not obtain permission to use the copyrighted materials. So long as the materials are being accessed for educational instruction and access remains controlled. SCENARIO A student is taking a distance learning class in which the instructor has required that a particular assignment be created for unlimited distribution on the web. A student includes an audio segment of copyrighted music video, news broadcast, non-dramatic literary work. Since the teacher specifically stated that the project is being created for distribution over the web, this is not a fair use of any of the listed copyrighted materials and permission should be obtained.

SCENARIO An instructor is teaching a class delivered on cable television or via two-way interactive video GSAMS , and she uses a commercial videotape either in its entirely or a portion , which is sold for instructional purposes, during a class to illustrate a concept covered in the discussion. Article Metrics Views. Article metrics information Disclaimer for citing articles.

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Issue Purchase - Online Checkout. People also read Article. Alice Fiddian-Green et al. Health Communication Volume 32, - Issue 9. Lies: I have pointed out that parody is likely to involve fabrication. Fabrication might have other purposes, as in story-telling, analogy, jokes, and acting to name but a few.

Old Town Road PARODY (Teacher Version)

I suggest that parody and satire actually fail when they deceive and for this reason, they should be distinguished from lies. Parody is not lies: it may use fabrication to expose lies and liars. Bullshit: Similarly, parody and bullshit may seem to share some attributes — mainly that they involve fabrication and exaggeration with a kernel of actual or potential truth. Again, bullshit involves an intention to deceive but even more importantly, a lack of care for what the truth might be Frankfurt ; Ball Parody is not bullshit: it may use fabrication, exaggeration and distortion to expose bullshit and bullshitters.

Parody also does not have to be unflattering, even though it is quite likely to be: it is more concerned with bringing certain people and practices to our attention. Fake news may use parody; parody in turn may expose the underlying mechanisms of fake news, which is why we should be educating ourselves about parody. What is distinctive about parody over the three themes of our special issue is the presence of humour. Parody in its regenerative form is strongly associated with laughter.

Lies, bullshit and fake news are not particularly associated with laughter. But laughter can be directed at them: laughing at the perpetrators through satirical attack, or laughing with them as we parody the conditions in which we find them. The example at the end of this section is a collection of some uses of laughter-generating parody in response to a particular set of lies, bullshit and fake news. I mean it quite literally: not once, not ever. And that fact is particularly disturbing to the British sensibility — for us, to lack humour is almost inhuman.

White However, the already over-cited president is not really the point of referencing White here; the significance of laughter to many people is the point. So it seems appropriate to use Brexit as the theme of our final example in this exploration of parody.

The art of political parody merits more study in its own right than it gets. At the time of writing, people in Britain are undergoing a political crisis and social division. The deep split of the country apparently into two halves — remainers and leavers — belies the complexities of the overall situation. Lies, bullshit and fake news are widely reported by both sides of the division. However, the Brexit process has still been on the receiving end of much satire and parody. His cartoon is very sharp and funny, while still drawing attention to the reasons for his fears.

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Buses are popular memes for postdigital parody of Brexit. Some, however, have actively sought out the views of the leavers and will join in discussions on their websites. Unfortunately, their poll showed a massive support for the remain position, even when they tried to run it again see Waters , and many other sources. It appears that many commentators did not realize that the poll was a parody; nor indeed did some of the subscribers to the site.

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Much of the parody about Brexit is directed at the attempts of Prime Minister Theresa May to get a Brexit deal through Parliament, and this is arguably amusing for both leavers and remainers. However seriously intended, Mr Vincent does not represent Blyton comedy. But as her tragedy representative he gives us something to think about.

So did she.

Parody: Fake News, Regeneration and Education | SpringerLink

Edwards : The trickster, jester and fool are recognizable figures from mythology, folklore and indeed carnival, who help others to challenge and subvert authority. They are sometimes invoked as useful for innovative teaching, as in the work of Macleod and Ross who see their value for online tutoring. Johnson did not invent Euroscepticism but he took it to new levels.

A brilliant caricaturist, he made his name by mocking, lampooning and ridiculing the EU…. Boris is the Lord of Misrule, the Great Disrupter.

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In his role as Will of the People, he is the subterranean voice of the populace groaning under the yoke of Brussels…The elite needed a jester and every conference season he gave them one. Thus humour, recognition of double-voiced discourse and appropriate responses to tricksters are all significant issues for the Brexit debate. There is scope for much scholarship and research and the blending of that research with satirical and humorous commentary.

Carnival culture with its opposition to the official buttoned-up discourse is supposed to be polar opposite, distinguished by anti-ideology and anti-authority, in other words, anti-establishment… Gaufman : The problem is that the disruptive features of carnival are meant to be temporary. When they are long term, and tricksters become world leaders in several different countries, then carnival is no longer a laughing matter.

Nor is it about Socratic dialogues, though Bakhtin did see them as the precursor to the modern novel Bakhtin What the paper has attempted to do is expose the pervasiveness and potential effects of parody — positive, benign or malign. It has suggested an approach to education that has proved relevant and simulating to students, in part because of the laughter involved, and at the same time teaches them about both voices in double-voiced discourse.