Manual Sampler 12 Christian Spiritual Warfare Series

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I pray for protection for both of them ….. I would like to have a prayer for my son at school to be protected and pass his exams for promotion at end of the term.

"Spiritual Warfare -Part 1" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Awesome Sermon!)

I pray for my two sons that God protect them against the person that they are supposed to call a stranger suddenly has turned to a deceitful stranger. Asking for prayer for my grandson. He got into trouble at school today. I would like prayer for my kids protection and salvation and salvation for my neices and nephew and bless them and find favor. Asking for prayer for both my children.. That God sends God fearing partners who can help them grow. Give wisdom to my children on making better choices.. Asking for prayer for my 21 year old son who is dealing with meth addiction and currently in rehab.

I pray that he finds his way back to the Lord and God protects him with a hedge from all the bad spirits who come against him.

I pray in the name of Jesus that the stronghold of every addiction will be broken in him.. The seed of the righteousness shall be delivered!! Right now we call him delivered and healed and covered in the precious blood of Jesus.. No matter where he goes we ask Father you put someone in his path that will continue to lead him to the cross!! We thank You Father for all you have done and continue to do in his life.. Praise You!

Living Stream Ministry

Thank You! Asking in the name of Jesus for protection and healing for my son Joseph. May he feel you Lord and realize who you are that you are his Father. Asking for a prayer for my marraige, for the happiness of my family and protection of my household and 3 children. May God be with us all, always, with every challenge we face. Cleanse our sins, bless us and take us all to Heaven when it is our time. In Jesus name, Amen. Even what the enemy means for evil,God uses for his good. Please pray for my children to be free from bondage break the chains off of their lives and they can stand up against the lies of the enemy.

Please pray for my so to turn his eyes back to God.

He has been distracted by the evils of the world and he needs to regain his strength. Brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask that you pray for the protection of my children, my grandchildren and myself.

A Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayer for Protection and Strength

To keep us safe from harm and satans darkness in any of its forms. God bless you all and never stop praying. Together we stand strong, in Jesus name. Your email address will not be published. My Account 0 Items. Part 6 of 6. Adapted from material by Jim Logan, except where noted otherwise.

You do not have to pray ALL these prayers daily, just as needed.

Joyce Mugaki on December 26, at am. I would like more prayer materials. Thanks Reply. Need more Prayer remove all kind of blocks Reply. Lisa Kelly on May 15, at pm. Jeanette banta on September 20, at pm. Elizabeth Jones on November 9, at am. Jackie gregg on February 15, at am. The open door for worldwide evangelism before us is great and we simply cannot do it without your help.

Could you use a supernatural intervention from heaven in some area of your life? The same miracles we see on the mission field are available for you right where you live. Each request is prayed for by our staff and then sent to an actual Christ for all Nations crusade where I, the local pastors, and all the attendees stretch out their hands toward your needs, and agree in prayer that God will do a miracle in your life!

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