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But that leader did an amazing thing. He brought money into the bank, then disappeared with his buzzard brood. And Secret Ag Strange human derelicts left newsreel showings with evil, hidden intent. And Agent X had to pierce an unfathomable enigma -- while sinister gusts of hell's killing cold trapped X in a murder maelstorm.

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It all officially kicks off on BBC One at 7. Plus an appearance by the England football team, music from Westlife, editions of The Hit List and Mock the Week and Pudsey the Bear jetting off to meet fundraisers in Cyprus, among much, much more.

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  8. Gang violence led to so many deaths earlier this year that the army had to be sent in to re-establish the rule of law. Meanwhile, Adso Damian Hardung is tempted to break his vows when he has a sensuous encounter.

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    A s the ship that carried the Pilgrim Fathers from England to America in , the Mayflower has certainly earned its place in history. Luckily a large, kindly, white-bearded toymaker called Klaus seems a perfect candidate to elicit missives from needy kids — if Jesper can assuage a local feud. When he arrives, it becomes clear that the Communist agent may not be quite so set on defecting. Richard Burton is incandescent as Jimmy Porter, a working-class man with a chip the size of the Royal Court Theatre on his shoulder; he torments his upper-middle-class wife Mary Ure and claims to despise her visiting best friend Helena Claire Bloom.

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    Thursday 14 November. The Accident C hannel 4, 9. Channel 5, 9. The screening on Sunday January 28th at pm is an attempt to initiate important discussions among the people who think about and work in mental health care.

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    Shakespeare was the master of tragedy. And King Lear is the quintessential tragic hero. Read the rest of the article here. Yale School of Medicine and the Global Initiative on Mental Health at Columbia University say the iPhone footage Duanne shot as he descended into madness offers a rare, unprecedented, unfiltered look at the mind of an untreated schizophrenic This is a specific harrowing story about a singular family trying to find its way through society's imperfections, stigmas and prejudice when dealing with mental illness.

    The socially and environmentally conscious Festival Angaelica celebrates film in a beautiful natural setting. Friday June 2, By Kathleen M.

    So can noble institutions. And so it is that our psychiatric hospitals, mental health policies, and legal systems can seem downright insane at times. That Way Madness Lies… is a documentary by filmmaker Sandra Luckow that portrays the descent of her brother, Duanne, into psychosis. It also captures the crazy, broken mental health system that the family encounters in their desperate efforts to help Duanne. Read the rest of the blog here.

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    Sandra's brother Duanne is deep in debt. Behind the camera, Sandra asks the soft-spoken but excited Duanne what he's going to do with the money. He calmly explains to her that he's going to send it to Nigeria. Read the rest of the review here.

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    The film is an unflinching first-person account of a relentless, untreated illness; a journey through a broken mental health system; and the disintegration of a creative family. Because our current system Entries are judged by highly qualified professionals in the film and television industry. The first text arrived as Sandra Luckow wrote her mother's obituary. Her mother had died a day earlier, four days after falling from a ladder while pulling a box of Christmas decorations down from a garage loft…. Read the entire April 6, Oregonian Article.