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Jay Polmar, has retired to Mexico where he is currently producing his entire product line in Spanish. Learn to double your reading speed in only one hour The 4 most successful Evelyn Wood Methods, reinforced with self-hypnosis Dr. Read more Read less. About the Author Dr.

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Write a customer review. Knowing what are you going to read can help you decide how you are going to read it Your mind has limited resources: reading, listening to music, and sitting in a noisy place are all actions that use up some of these resources. If you are doing all these things at the same time then your reading speed will certainly become slow.

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Reduce; the time for eye rest. Reducing or even eliminating time spent resting in between lines or paragraphs can save you a lot of time and help you finish your book faster. Use a pointer: It might be a good idea to use a pointer while reading. By moving the pointer and following it with your eyes while reading you will force yourself to read faster Did that help? Why read when I can learn everything through experience?

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How to make anyone fall in love with me fast book. How to control people's minds Course. How to develop rock solid self confidence fast course. Speed-Reading Techniques By M. Farouk Radwan , MSc. Reading and speed reading. Find the important info: Before reading an article or a book you should first skim quickly through its titles or its chapters in order to recognize where the important information is. Many articles and books have useless introductions and additional pages that are just there to make it look bigger. The genius of normal reading is that it can minutely vary those fractions of seconds depending on how much of the sense of what is being read has been grasped.

  1. Use your peripheral vision.
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  4. How to read your textbooks quickly and still get an A.

In a dense sentence, with sub-clauses and unfamiliar language, fixations and saccades are adjusted accordingly, so there is no break in reading flow. In easier passages the eye dances along swiftly. How does this understanding bear on the apps such as Spreeder and Spritz?

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The acceleration they promise tends to depend on three issues: sub-vocalisation, looping backwards, and the time lag between words. When scientists tried to get people to eliminate sounding words subliminally in their heads — by having them constantly hum while reading, for example — comprehension dropped precipitously. The evidence suggested that when people saw words, they instantaneously accessed the sounds of those words to help understand them.

The two processes worked seamlessly; speed dislocated them. Some of the apps have recognised this and added a rewind button. The issue with the third claim has to do with rhythm. Chances are, however, that most of us already use various intuitive skimming techniques to extract information from such documents when time is short. Most of us do something like this with material with which we are familiar — although we are all probably less adept at it than we imagine.

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They were particularly alive to bullshit or repetition. Much of the buzz of our so-called digital overload comes from those latter growth industries. It has been argued that the subconscious mind can process 20,, bits of information per second; but of those, the conscious mind holds on to only about 40 bits at any moment. Rather than trying to read more quickly we might be better advised to read more selectively. A lot of our lives can be scanned and scrolled and skipped, but reading remains a more immersive kind of act, dependent on detail.

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