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Splitting a hair is considered a fruitless and silly exercise.

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In the book "The Dictionary of Cliches," James Rogers writes that when the phrase originated, splitting a hair was extremely difficult because of lack of sharp and precise tools. So a person who would split a hair would be a very stubborn and persistent individual, indeed.

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College Admissions. Planning for College. Hence, better to award Title 2 funds to states pursuing ambitious plans for teacher evaluation than to lay out a particular system of evaluation or mandate its adoption.

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Providing competitive funds for those state and district leaders willing to tackle the tough task of upending century-old routines focuses those dollars in useful ways and makes it more possible for those leaders and the union chiefs with whom they're working to present efforts to rethink tenure, pay, evaluation, and the rest to affected teachers as a potential win-win.

Third, basic research is a public good, and one that demands an active federal role.

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That said, the focus must be on cultivating new tools and technologies that will fuel problem-solving. If it's designed to focus on "reforms" and implementation-dependent strategies, then I'm going to jump off the bandwagon real quick.

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So, point 1: transparency. Those periods that are highlighted saw greater increases than in the periods completely included in NCLB. That is, of course, debatable, so take those with a grain of salt.

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Because someone in the federal government will ultimately have to decide what is sufficiently "ambitious" or worthy of reward. Lastly, point three: "basic research is a public good, and one that demands an active federal role.