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Mountains, waves, people, darkness. A dark musical set in a modern marketplace next to a motorway. The employees of the various commercial venues, portrayed as animals, deal with their boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns. The apocalypse appears as a tempting liberator. Mattias de Craene is a musician who feels at home in the worlds of jazz, pop, and experimental music. Bieke Depoorter was born in Kortrijk, Belgium, in Niki Lindroth von Bahr was born in Stockholm in The film draws upon literary sources, late night radio, and Cheyenne legends to conjure the experience of an afterlife in the sacred landscape of Devils Tower.

A long-distance driver journeys from his tenuous reality into a vision of the afterlife, called forth by the woman of the mountain. Christin Turner was born in South Carolina.

She is a filmmaker and video artist whose work draws upon her background in the visual arts. Der Abschied wiederholt sich in jeder Generation.

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Selva navigiert durch Stimmen und Erinnerungen. Ein Spiel, das sie auf die unvermeidliche Trennung vorbereitet. The land expels and the ocean drowns, departures repeat themselves in every generation. Selva navigates through voices and memories, playing a game that prepares her for the inevitable separation. She is an image and sound designer who has directed several short films that have been selected for international film festivals. A spiritual session with the ghost of Lenin guides us through our past, present, and future. Svitlana Shymko is an independent director from Ukraine and a graduate of the Doc Nomads international MA programme in documentary filmmaking.

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Teheran Ihr Schicksal wendet sich. Tehran Three days in the life of two young undocumented brothers from Afghanistan who recently immigrated to Iran. Their destiny takes a turn and a better life seems to open up to them. Emad Aleebrahim Dehkordi was born in Tehran. He lives and works in Paris as well as in Tehran. Das Ritual wurde erstmals gefilmt. In a remote Haitian village, there is a dance called the whipping zombie ritual, which displays the relationship between slaves and masters. Accompanied by trance-inducing music played by rara bands, men whip and fight till they die and are reborn in an infinite cycle.

This unique ritual was filmed for the first time. Yuri Ancarani is an Italian video artist and filmmaker born in Ravenna, Italy. They have been shown in national and international museums and exhibitions and at many film festivals. The fourth collaboration between Jessie Mott and Steve Reinke continues their melancholic musings on desire and mourning. Steve Reinke is an artist and writer best known for his videos. His work is screened widely and is in several collections.

Jessie Mott is a visual artist.

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Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, collage, sculptural objects, video, and installations that speak to a dream-like or nightmarish quality of fantasy and the grotesque. Camelia, an escort girl with a troubled past, is newly employed at an erotic massage parlour in eastern Montreal. Met coldly by her competitive new colleagues, she struggles to establish a clientele while maintaining her dignity. His various films share a fascination with subalternity and an interest in socio-political issues such as immigration and social justice.

Michelle Williams Gamaker b. Das Internet in Kuba ist sehr langsam. The internet in Cuba is very slow. Corey Hughes is a Baltimore-based filmmaker who creates short films, music videos, and publications floating between narrative, documentary, and experimental tendencies. Two sound designers are creating the sound for a film.

He works as a sound recordist, foley artist, and sound designer for Thai independent films. Alen schliesst sich einem Psychodrama-Workshop an, der von einer Therapeutin mit Helfersyndrom geleitet wird. Mit der Zeit werden die in den Sitzungen durchgespielten Szenen immer extremer. Basieren sie auf realen Erinnerungen oder auf einer kollektiven Fantasie? Alen joins a local psychodrama workshop led by a therapist with a saviour complex. He is embraced by the group at once. As the therapy progresses, the reenactments during the sessions become more extreme.

The question is, are they based on real memories or on a collective fantasy? Bianca Lucas was born in Basel, Switzerland. She grew up in Warsaw, Poland. In , she graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Christoph Eder and Jonas Eisenschmidt are directors and producers. They both trained as audiovisual media designers and studied media art and design at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Wer ist wer? Wo ist wo?

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Er weiss es nicht wirklich. Er erforscht lediglich eine unheimliche Situation, um zu sehen, wen oder was es da zu finden gibt. A confused man, his past or his present, dreams or reality, false or true awakenings Remy Ryumugabe is a filmmaker from Rwanda. He began his filmmaking adventure in , participating in various workshops by organizations such as the Goethe Institute Kigali and the Maisha foundation. Lass dir Zeit. Give it time. Jean celebrates his birthday, gets drunk, and recalls the dreadful weekend that led to his break-up with Mathilde. After graduating in French literature and history from the Sorbonne, she studied animation at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris.

She works on diverse projects in visual arts, animation, and experimental film. May Two unarmed Palestinian teens are killed by Israeli soldiers on the West Bank. Abu Hamdan performed an audio analysis to determine whether rubber or live bullets were used.

The film centres on the gunfire, yet no shots are heard.

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His works often deal with the relationship between politics, listening, boundaries, human rights, and truth. He uses documentaries, essays, audiovisual installations, and many other art forms to express his ideas. Ein griechisch-kreolischer, volkspolitischer Western inmitten der Palmen und Sojafelder der argentinischen Pampa. A Greco-Creole political western set among the palm trees and soy fields of the Argentine Pampas.

When the bad gaucho summons the spirit of his dead brother, drama and violence are unleashed. The centaur, just like the gaucho, is a myth, one that was lost long ago.

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In a natural disaster scenario, the entire population of the Azores is evacuated due to a plague of hydrangeas. Two young soldiers guide us to the sad stories of those forced to leave. The cinematic journey becomes a nostalgic and political reflection on territorial belonging and identity. Ein schwarzer Mann rennt durch ein Feld. Ein schwarzer Mann rennt dem Strand entlang.

Ein schwarzer Mann rennt durch die Stadt. Der schwarze Mann ist immer am Rennen, wird immer gejagt, rennt weiter.

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Rennt, um sein Leben zu retten. Ein schwarzer Mann rennt seiner Freiheit entgegen. A black man is running through a field. A black man is running on the beach. A black man is running through a city. The black man is always running, he is always chased, he keeps running Running to save his life. A black man is running towards freedom. Jyoti Mistry is a filmmaker and visual artist.

Diev ouatmedia. The fear of pain is stronger than the longing for freedom. Born in Offenbach am Main, Brenda Lien works as an independent filmmaker and film music composer. She has won several prizes for her works and has been a researcher at the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes since She studies art at the University of Art and Design Offenbach.

Ein Sommerfilm. A movie about motorways, tourists, concrete picnic tables, lines to the restroom, tepid melon slices, and car washes. A movie about a man who wants to leave and a kid holding him back. A summer movie. He is currently writing his first feature film. In this multi-layered documentary infused with biting satire, a film production company comprised of Turks, Kurds, Iraqi refugees, and former soldiers of the Free Syrian Army spends a day in the Turkish countryside shooting a melodrama about the Kurdish-Turkish conflict.