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Deeply conceptual, 'STUMM' essentially hinges on varying interpretations on John Cage's seminal work '4'33" - famously dominated by silence. The results are thrilling, a kind of 'Metal Machine Music' edition of '4'33"' that throbs with electricity. Being asked to be involved with MUTE 4.

From our record 'The Way Things Fall' an album of total chance to guest editing the critical journal Detroit Research, where we included a sheet of John Cage's score Aria which uses no musical notation, but instead colourful graphical lines and black squares. To us Cage represents someone who pushed boundaries, fucked with formula, and opened the work up for chance. For our recreation of his monumental piece '4'33"', we left it up to the hums of the amps in the studio to do the work or not to do the work. Get backstage sneak peeks, exclusive content and access to Clash Live events and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold.

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(Free Fight) Sean McConnell VS Pat Griffin - Cage Legacy 12 / Celtic Gladiator 23

Pamela Love. In Ireland this is actually a big problem. There are not many indoor arenas that can cater for between 1, and 2, people outside Dublin.

IMMAA: Testing of amateur scans at Cage Legacy was a “great success”

Once a venue is decided and agreed an even more important problem has to be negotiated, The promotion need to ensure Health and Safety standards are maintained, Get safety statements in place from local authorities and of course Police need to be happy that Law and Order at the event will be maintained.

For example a venue that can hold 1, people for a concert may only be cleared for for an MMA event, purely on health and safety grounds. They need to have their bloods done, Brain scans done and medicals done. MMA in Ireland gets a lot of uninformed opinion about the safety of the sport, in and out, of the Cage. The fact every fighter is medically cleared in a thorough process prior to a fight is both responsible and necessary.

Once all of this is done Declan and Darren can sit down and concentrate on matching the fights.

Most promotions at this level could have between 15 to 20 fights scheduled on an event card. Inevitably during the run up one or several of these match-ups will fall by the wayside. Injury being the most common issue.

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Late fighter withdrawals mean they need to have back up fighters on stand-by who can parachute in and are close to fighting weight. Cage Legacy have big plans for They want to announce at least 8 to 10 Events for the calendar year. The hope would be to have 4 big arena style events and 4 regional events around the country, They also plan to announce at least one event in the mainland UK , Manchester or Liverpool being name checked.

To date Cage Legacy fighters have been contracted on a fight to fight basis. Their plans for will hopefully allow them to make a more prolonged commitment to fighters and double the number of professionals fighting at each event. Declan is still fighting himself and indeed has a fight scheduled for this coming Saturday. So he is very well versed on fighter compensation from his own fight experience. Fighters generally get a percentage of the tickets they sell. He uses himself as an example.