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This, coupled with Ty's own football challenges, keep the tension level high and the pages flipping furiously. Ty has one, maybe even two, too many obstacles to overcome, and Thane is such a paragon of goodness that it almost defies reality, but these are minor quibbles in a work that is sure to have a great many fans. This conventional mystery from the prolific adult author features standard villains with some spice thrown in by the boxing leitmotif. Despite an official conclusion of suicide, year-old Terry remains sure that his shy friend Jason did not kill himself.

Determined to uncover the real reason Jason died, he gets help from his almost-girlfriend Abby, who sets up a network of friends to spy on the typically arrogant adults who run the town and the school. Threatened by school bullies, Terry relies on his newfound boxing skills and his wise trainer George to get out of scrapes. The resolution relies on confessions, but one nice twist regarding a villain adds some interest at the end. Not much new here, but Parker provides some nice action scenes and whodunit clues.

High-school intrigue written simply enough to satisfy budding mystery fans in the middle-school crowd as well. A smart and moving coming-of-age story about two best friends, Chris and Win, who bicycle across the country the summer after high-school graduation.

Things are beginning to shift in their relationship. Chris has always cut Win a lot of slack, knowing that his friend's tyrannical father misses no opportunity to belittle his son. But, geez, would it kill Win to help out with expenses? After all, it's not like he doesn't have the money; in fact, he's got thousands of dollars in cash hidden at the bottom of his pannier.

Bradbury perfectly captures the spirit of a cross-country bike trip, alternating Chris's recollection of the trip itself with the fallout he experiences upon starting school, having finished the trek solo after Win unaccountably ditched him in Montana.

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This device ratchets up the suspense on both ends, keeping readers guessing along with Chris: Just what happened to Win? What will talking to the FBI agent Win's father has sicced on him mean to Win, to Chris, to what might be left of their friendship? Fresh, absorbing, compelling. This exciting sequel's concept explodes far beyond Epic , its predecessor. Epic the game is defunct, but a new game—Saga—has mysteriously appeared on New Earth's computer system. Erik's Cindella is the only character allowed to carry over; other people create new avatars.

Immediately, vast numbers of players beocme addicted and fall sick. Meanwhile, a girl named Ghost and her anarcho-punk gang raid malls, destroying property to protest unfair class rankings. Ghost has no home; her consciousness goes back only six years to age nine. Who was she before that? Kostick reveals early how Ghost's world features airboarding and anti-gravity technology while Erik's tech-regressive society drives donkey carts: Ghost's world is Saga, the game that Erik's people are currently playing.

Thousands of years ago on Earth, Saga's characters sprang into consciousness—Saga's population is human.

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But two of its original Reprogrammed Autonomous Lifeforms remain, one a Dark Queen thirsting for immortality. Clean prose, remarkable story. Science fiction. On his Grandpa's possibly magic teapot a lad makes two of his allotted three wishes: for a new bike—soon. Things don't work out quite as expected, however; first his best friend buys the bike on which he'd set his heart, and then a shared joyride ends in a disastrous crash.

After his mother tells him the chestnut about how she used to fret that she had no shoes until she met a man who had no legs, he reflects on how hard she works to support the family, finally settling for a new coat of paint on Grandpa's old bike. Ander gives the tale a contemporary Chinese setting, dressing the skinny narrator in sneakers and baggy shorts, placing him in tidy but not-so-prosperous surroundings and tucking in non-English signs and sound effects for added flavor. Printed on textured paper, the bright, delicate illustrations begin and end on the endpapers; nonetheless, pasting down the flaps won't hide anything significant in this thoughtful take on the universal theme of wanting one thing, but settling for something else.

Kirkus Interview. Do you work in the book industry? What trouble I gave to the most wonderful rescue service people in the world; what kindness was shown to me in return. If ever again somebody complains to me about the NHS, I will punch them on the nose. The man who fell on his stomach was over 70 and as unfit as a kettle drum.

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Adrian, fit as a Sherpa, zig-zagged down the slope to rescue him and whisked back, not a breath out of place. The man was a volunteer medic from a neighbouring village: the first line of rescue, filling in the gap until the paramedics arrived. After another quarter of an hour, I heard voices bouncing off the hillside and, shortly after, the first ambulance team flopped down beside me, panting and joking, carrying a neck brace. Two steps and sliiiiccccch — cut spinal cord. Over the next few hours, a small crowd of emergency men gathered round me.

The valley was stretched out like a map at the end of my feet: I watched new ambulances come in from Seaford, on the coast; from Eastbourne; from the direction of Brighton. Their flashing blue lights moved among the fields like spring dragonflies, struggling past the incessant traffic on the A Noise of sirens arrived on the hillside in swells.

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Third Paramedic got on the phone to a helicopter crew. New, kindly faces kept popping into view. At the scene: As he lay stupefied with shock, Mr Masters could see the whole valley pictured before him. He said his neck didn't hurt but that he didn't want to move.

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I hated Polaris. Night swept in. It began to rain. Flora and Adrian and the crowd of paramedics and two coastguards huddled round, shivering, piling blankets on me, watching the blazing lights of the valley, waiting.

One of the things I had lost in my roly-poly was the ability to adjust my emotions. The state I woke up in was the state I stayed in for the next seven-and-a-half hours: mildly curious and interested in my hands. I liked the sense of contact my hands gave me.

On the hillside, I liked to squeeze my fingers under the neck brace and feel the grass by my shoulder. When any of the paramedics spoke, always with such kindness and patience, I tried to touch his voice. Steep: It was half an hour before the first sign of help arrived. The volunteer medic was over 70 and unfit but 'nothing would stop his heroic determination'.

Warm enough? Any pain? Still breathing? Three new flashing lights appeared, in the North West, from the direction of Gatwick. Lovely Polaris. There are only 15 in the country, stationed in areas most likely to appeal to Jihadists, and their job is to save people from collapsed tunnels, railway crashes, and blown-up airport buildings.

After being raced the 50 miles from Gatwick with driver and back-up team in two subsidiary vehicles, it rumbled yards up the country path and got stuck at a farm gate. On a degree slope, it takes a countryside of paramedics to keep it under control. Strapped in, all I could do was stare at the strip of sky directly above. I felt very quiet. I did not want to talk.

I felt more aware of the distinguishing specialness of life than I have ever been, but had no desire to pin down what that specialness is with words. Over the next few hours, a small crowd of emergency men gathered round him. Mr Masters saw them approach in the valley below. When my father was dying, I used to hate the honey-voices of the visiting health teams, but sliding down the South Downs, I understood why they talk that way.

I heard only that the paramedics, and later the nurses, felt for me, and wished me well — human kindness to a human who was departing; and that made me grateful, so I relaxed. In the ambulance on the way to hospital, I panicked. I began to struggle in His Nibs and thought I was suffocating.

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Flora held my hand. Does it hurt anywhere? This is how many of us will die, staring at a two-foot strip of polystyrene ceiling panels in Eastbourne General Hospital. Rescue: He was eventually brought down from the hillside in a six-wheel -drive-all-terrain response vehicle. It was because some repulsive thug had beaten his wife up and broken his hand in the process.

An hour later, I was in a small room on my own with two nurses, four remaining burly paramedics, and a lovely doctor from Hungary. February 25, One of the attractions is a child-like creature that sits February 4, President Barack Obama made his first visit to a U. Publish and Perish in Hong Kong.