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Universities are about the people that are in them, what they do, the conditions that they find creative, so creating conditions that promote creativity are the sort of things that I would emphasise as being crucially important. Consider again your response to the question above asking you to consider the main functions of a university. Having considered these video transcripts, would you now alter the answer you originally gave?

It is important that you understand the roles your own institution aims to fulfil. Completing the 'Reflective activity' at the end of this section will help you consider how these views relate to your own situation.

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Your role will be strongly allied to those principles and will be informed by the intended outcomes the institution must achieve. Learning outcome Completing this section will contribute to your ability to understand the ongoing debate about the role played by universities. What is the purpose of higher education?

In summary, universities have been seen as: Communities dedicated to the learning and personal development of their members, especially students this could be termed the 'liberal' theory ; Sources of expertise and vocational identity the 'professional formation' theory ; Creators, testers, and sites for the evaluation and application of new knowledge the 'research engine' theory, with an important corollary — the 'business and industry services' theory ; Important contributors to society and nations the 'civic and community engagement' theory.

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For an overview of this history see Watson et al , pp. What do you consider to be the main functions of a university? Points you might have identified include: The role of universities as repositories and generators of knowledge The obligation to equip graduates so that they can obtain viable employment The obligation to offer rational and timely criticism in areas of public policy and social and economic life The presence of universities as large and influential bodies in civil society and the state The longer term role of graduates in creating cohesive and tolerant communities.

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Efficient transportation sector to play a key role in India’s economic growth: Vice President

Reflective activity. The role of universities Write a paragraph answering each of the following questions: What are the main functions your university aims to fulfil? Has this influenced the approach it is taking towards its activities?

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What do you see as the role of university managers and leaders in promoting and facilitating your university's aims? Pinterest Reddit. Imploring industry bodies to weed out "black sheeps" who give a bad name to the business community, Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu Sunday asked various nations to reach a consensus to not provide shelter to fugitives involved in economic offences. These remarks come in the wake of industrialist Vijay Mallya 's possible extradition to India from the United Kingdom. A UK court on December 10 last year had ordered extradition of Mallya, who is wanted in India for alleged fraud and money laundering involving an estimated Rs 9, crore.

Voicing concern about the disruptions in the functioning of Parliament and legislatures, Naidu said the time has come for political parties to evolve a code of conduct for their MPs and MLAs and ensure effective functioning if these Houses have to fulfil the aspirations of people.

Nations should not give shelter to economic fugitives: Vice President

He said he also felt that political parties should not resort to populist, impractical and short-term promises to win elections as the country's economy would suffer in the long-term due to unproductive schemes. The vice-president said the delicate balance between the executive, legislature and judiciary should be maintained at all times and nobody should encroach into the domain of the other.

Naidu said the other major challenge the country needs to address on a war footing is the deficiencies in infrastructure development and the central government is already addressing the issue by building road and highway networks, developing ports and promoting regional air connectivity. The Public-Private Partnership projects have to be scaled up for accelerating the pace of infrastructure development and need to promote massive infrastructure projects for the country to compete with other countries, Naidu said. On the media scenario in India, he said some of the news stories are slanted to suit the views of the management and media outlets are being started for commercial and political considerations, not for providing pure and unadulterated news to the people.

The Economic Functions of Vice (Classic Reprint)

Mindless sensationalism and paid news are some of the concerns that media professionals themselves need to address, he added. Media associations should also come out with a code of conduct for journalists to ensure professional integrity, the vice-president said. Read more on economic fugitives. Vijay Mallya.

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