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Dandelion extract is also one supplement you may want to look into for the same caliber of benefits. These go great on top of salads, both as decoration and added nutrients. It cooks up wonderfully and tastes great with a wide assortment of meats. It also has a nice bright color, so it can add to the visual appeal as well. It contains a ton of phytonutrients giving you anti-cancer defenses as well as protecting against free radical damage. These must have been some of the easiest vegetables for pre-modern man to eat, since they just had to find them and pick them from the ground, just making sure not to eat the poisonous ones.

Mustard Greens — Add mustard greens to any salad and it will immediately look fancier and taste better. They have a peppery taste that many enjoy, and that add something new to the palate.

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You can dice it up and use it to top just about any meat item, and it especially goes great with fish and chicken. Add it to a green smoothie with other Paleo veggies for a crisp flavor. Parsnip — These look like more triangular and lighter colored carrots, and there is a virtual plethora of ways you can cook it. For a fast and easy side, try slicing them up into sticks and steaming them in the microwave. You can also cut them and have and lay them on the grill next to the meat. Peppers — Eat any of the pepper family that you want, including any shade of the bell peppers, as well as the spicier jalapenos and habaneros.

Pumpkin — Pumpkin is filling and nutritious and needs to become a bigger part of your diet than the holiday pumpkin pie and Halloween carvings. The good part about them is that you can use the seeds from them as well see below. Think pumpkin soup alongside a meat dish as a nice rounded meal. They contain a unique mix of vitamins and minerals and have been shown to help fight off cancer as well as help with some respiratory conditions.

Rhubarb — Rhubarb looks like celery from a parallel universe because of its reddish, purplish hue. You could even make a traditional Caesar using anchovies as your protein, and benefiting from the omega-3s it contains. No matter which way you go Romaine tastes great and is available everywhere. These have lots of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Magnesium so they make a great addition to your day for extra energy.

Spinach — This is a winner no matter how you eat it, and it deserves a spot on your plate whenever you can fit it in.

It mixes great with spinach and kale and really rounds out the flavors. Turnips — You can eat all parts of the turnip, both the greens as well as the bulbous bottom. Watercress — Another fantastic way to accent a salad is to add watercress to it. You may end up liking this for its somewhat buttery taste, and it can quickly find its way into your shopping cart once you spot it in the produce section.

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Zucchini — One of the yummier veggies on the Paleo list of foods is zucchini. Fruits Most of your carbs on the Paleo Diet will come from fruits. Apple — Apples are traced back through our history as a fruit that has always done us well. Seek these out for their broad nutritional profile.

Apricot — Apricots are a fruit that often gets lost in the popularity contest and you may have to seek them out in the produce department. Avocado — This is a wonderful fruit to add to just about any meal, and in addition to providing you with more potassium than a banana, it also contains plenty of healthy fats that are a big part of the Paleo plan.

It makes a great snack and can help you go from hungry to satisfied all on its own. This makes a great on the go snack to hold you over between meals. Blueberries — One of the more mainstream berries, blueberries are generally easy to find in grocery stores year round. Use them as part of a power-packed berry mix or eat them solo for a treat. Cantaloupe — Cantaloupe, referred to as rock melon in some parts of the world, is a wonderful choice that most surely would have been eaten by man throughout the ages.

They are packed full of both Vitamin A and Vitamin C and can be eaten as a sweet dessert when you need it.

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Cherimoya — This is an important fruit to add to your Paleo eating. Another standout is its levels of Vitamin B6, which will supply you with plenty of energy to propel you through your day. Cherries and other easily picked fruit would have been a big part of Stone Age eating. These fruits would have provided nourishment when other food became scarce, and would have provided energy to go out and kill some animals.

You can try eating a handful of them before a workout, or between meals. Opt instead for real figs, either dried which are more commonly available, or fresh, which you may only find at certain times of the year. You can opt for any kind of grapes you want, but be sure not to overdo it because they are somewhat high in sugar so a large portion might spike your blood sugar levels. Guava — The Vitamin C levels for guava are off the charts, and they also score well in the fiber department.

Honeydew — Melons were surely enjoyed back in the prehistoric era and are still enjoyed in modern society.


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Kiwi — Another source of Vitamin C that comes in a handy and portable size. Kiwi can be eaten on its own as a snack to get you to your next meal, and also works well in a smoothie. You can opt for the common green variety or look for the gold kiwi as well. Also big on Vitamin C and low and sugar so you can use them without worrying too much about their sugar content. Mango — An exotic choice for fruit is mango, but you can typically find them in the frozen fruits section.

It can be used as a dessert while eating Paleo, since most conventional desserts will be off limits. Orange — Known for their high levels of Vitamin C oranges are a great way to top up on key vitamins while following a Paleo lifestyle. Avoid the ubiquitous orange juice and eat these fresh for best results. They are often found in fruit salads, but you can enjoy these on their own, or toss some into a smoothie for a midday pick-me-up.

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  5. Passion Fruit — Passion fruit provides a broad mix of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C to boost your immune system, and Iron to meet your daily needs. The nice part about having high levels of Vitamin C and Iron in the same fruit is that the Vitamin C will help your body absorb the Iron. Peaches — Peaches and their nectarine cousins are two fruits you can enjoy while following the Paleo Diet. Pears — The fiber content in pears is enough to make sure that you reach for these on a regular basis while eating Paleo.

    They have a different makeup than other fruits, with a grainy consistency, and this is what works its way through your body, helping to keep your insides clean. Plums — Plums provide a good amount of Vitamin C and are easy enough to take with you wherever you go and enjoy when you want it. Pomegranate — You may have noticed a surge in popularity of pomegranate in recent years. Raspberries — Raspberries go really well with other berries on this Paleo food list, or they can be eaten on their own for a tart but yummy treat. They have a unique taste all their own, and provide a respectable amount of Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals while being low in sugar.

    Tangerine — Tangerines provide more of a sweet taste than an orange, and still clock in on the Vitamin C-o-meter. Watermelon — A summertime favorite, watermelon is actually a superfood that provides you with plenty of antioxidants to help with free radical damage. Fats, Nuts, and Seeds One great aspect of the Paleo Diet is that healthy fats get their fair share of attention. Avocado Oil — Like the name suggests this is an oil pressed from an avocado. Go with the most natural butter you can, opting for grass-fed butter made from cows that were fed grass instead of grain.

    Also consider using ghee which cuts off the impurities and leaves behind just the fat. Coconut Oil — Coconut oil, as you may have guessed, comes from coconuts and can be used in cooking as well as topically around the body for a host of different conditions. Make sure you go as premium as you can on this one, opting for organic instead of conventional coconut oil. The benefits of the oil are that it contains plenty of monounsaturated fat, which is the good fat that you should be getting more of if you want to feel good between meals and lose fat from your body.

    They provide nourishment and sustenance and can also give you energy. They also help you build muscle so you can really get that caveman physique. Cashews — When looking for cashews in the store, avoid the ones that come in a can by companies like Planters and opt instead for raw cashews. These are going to be more akin to the type of nuts found by our ancestors, and it will help you avoid added salt and unhealthy fats used in the roasting process. Hazelnuts — While they do have some saturated fat, a large majority of hazelnuts is healthy fats, especially monounsaturated fats.

    They also contain a good amount of protein, so they make a filling snack to get you through to your next full meal. You can find raw pecans in the nut section of Whole Foods or health food stores.

    Foods You Can Eat on the Paleo Diet

    You want to avoid pecans that have been heavily processed because they typically get added sugar, salt, and oil. Pine Nuts — Pine nuts contain plenty of minerals in them that your body needs like magnesium and iron. You can have these as a snack, but they also make a great salad topper and can be used as a garnish sprinkled on top of meats. They are credited with helping you sleep, helping to promote heart health, and helping to stabilize blood glucose levels to help maintain a healthy weight.

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    The B6 is known for helping with that energized feeling, and your body needs those important minerals in order to be healthy and fit. Awesome and have now been following a Paleo diet for a month now and cannot believe not only the weight loss but how healthy I feel. Thanks for breaking it down in simple terms. I am looking forward to passing this on to my patients.

    Then I looked at the no-no list and of course potatoes are included. Yes it only refers to white potatoes. Sweet potatoes in the family Convolvulaceae are not potatoes Solanaceae. Not only are they taxonomically different plants but they are different plant parts as well. White potatoes are specialized subsoil plant stems called tubers. Sweet potatoes are actually roots. Although yams and sweet potatoes are both angiosperms flowering plants , they are not related botanically. Yams are a monocot a plant having one embryonic seed leaf and from the Dioscoreaceae or Yam family.

    Can one eat all types. The truth is that true yams are virtually not sold in this country.