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I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional will teach you and your team to have confidence in your sales process, not just your training ability!

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Are you driven and passionate about helping your clients and members make serious and lasting changes? I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional will help you to take complete control of your business, helping your team, and your clients. It's time to start running a business, instead of your business running you! They are the very best in the field, no compromise.

I Hate Selling!

Becoming more comfortable in selling the right way is a make or break in the fitness industry. These are my sales books recommendations. This book does what its title suggests, namely to humanise sales and demystify it. It is useful in that it will take the fear and loathing of the process away and replace it with some sound principles and action to move you forward without feeling your toes curling.

A classic that explores how most companies start from the wrong end of their proposition — namely what they do and then explain how they do it, without really getting to why. Useful if you are looking for a different approach to presenting your purpose as a way to sell your work.


There is no sale without a buyer. This belief is one of those at the centre of this excellent book. It also the principle that before a buyer has all of their resources organised, and recognises that they need to bring in a new solution and get comfortable with how they will do that, your sales message is simply not useful or required. Your role at that stage becomes how you can be useful to your prospective client in helping them organise their thoughts and work out how they would decide to bring in something new.

A useful approach for anyone looking to develop business conversations rather than simply responding to tenders.

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A bestseller over and over this book is worth a read for the six principles of influence that Cialdini advocates, many of which apply to the social media tools available to build relationships today. A great read for what to do when you have to present, based around three simple principles: Tell the truth. Tell it with a story. Tell the story with pictures. Robert B. Morgan Brown. Kerry Smith.

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