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The woman wrote the book on change. Reading her autobiographical writings, you get a sense that she never knew monotony. Her life was constantly turning over and upside down and over again. She had such powerful presence because she was so pliable to the ebb and flow of life. The most important aspect of change is that it starts within. If we only focus on outward change, then we will always be discouraged, confused, and even lost.

If we allow those outward changes to bring opportunity, we can grow through them and become even stronger.

We are the change that we seek. You must be the one to enact the change that you need. Chances are, things are in constant motion all around you. Maybe you have become stagnant in your personal or professional life. You must be the one to take the first steps and welcome change. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Do not dwell on the things that are happening right now. Instead, focus on how you can make adjustments, grow, and make the changes necessary to be ahead of the game. When you begin to shift your perspective, the very things around you that seem to be so stressful tend to look a little brighter. Suddenly the doom and gloom that weighed heavy on your chest seems to be just another drop in the bucket. Like Corona ads, shift your latitude. We usually sit with our backs against the wall like that awkward 8th grade dance.

You sit there waiting, hoping they talk to you without asking you to dance.

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Instead, we should dive right into the change and take it as an opportunity to flail around proudly. We have little control over the circumstances around us. Instead, we must look at what we do have control over. We must go within and approach change as an opportunity for personal growth. The only thing we can truly change is within us. We dream of changing the world, but just like Frankl and Tolstoy observe, we must start that change within. Even Michael Jackson said to start with the man in the mirror. You must first begin to change yourself before we can even consider changing the world to be a reality.

This phrase can be translated a few ways. In the most basic sense of the word, everything is constantly in a state of change. From the moment we begin life, the process of dying begins. Life is about growth. In the literal sense, if we never grow, we would be 9 pounds and 20 inches long for our entire lives.

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Besides that, if we stuck to the same principles we develop as a young person, we would all aspire to become ninjas, racecar drivers, and professional athletes. The country would never function. As soon as we get settled in a daily schedule that makes life comfortable, life throws us a curveball. The best thing to do with a curveball is to recognize it and drill it into the opposite field. When life comes at you with something new, accept that something new and make it your new mission to conquer the beast. Sometimes, you have to change. Staying the same may be disastrous.

No one ever made a name for themselves by doing the same thing over and over. Well, maybe a tyrant or two. The most successful people are those that see the need for change and adjust, before disaster closes in. Whether you are rich and famous, or just one of the rest of us, you are the same type of person.

One of the important things about change, is that you change in order to make yourself better, not to take advantage of a situation or a person. The fact of the matter is that you might already be on the right path. Everything is in flux at all times. Sure, you are headed straight toward professional success. What about you? Clint Eastwood made the transition from cowboy, to cop, to the man behind the camera. He is the perfect example of someone who continually pushed himself to grow. He always thought he could do the next thing better than the last guy.

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It would be natural to change your style to make some money. Instead, Andy Warhol invented a new genre and created a market for that art. He brought about the change that he wanted in the art world.

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Bob Dylan was never one to shy away from a challenge or make himself subject to some industry standard. Instead, he changed the world of music. He started with the Band intending to be a rock star. Eventually, he became the legendary singer songwriter through a natural evolutionary process. Change is happening. You have a choice. You can embrace that change, as these quotes about change are compelling you to do, or you can just maintain the status quo. If you want to be happy, or you want to be wise, you have to change continually. Every success story centers around a person who made changes.

Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. He changed the game because he accepted that times were changing. Nobody will tell you that change is easy. You have to challenge the very fibers of your being to convince yourself that this new change will be worth it. You do have to be careful. Some of the changes that come at you are not always the best. You have to make sure that the changes you are making are not setting you back a few months or years. Steve Jobs changed the world. We like to think that. In reality, he did not drive us forward the way we think. Sure, smartphones are everywhere. And, they are crucially important to all of us. We could do without them. In some ways, the technology that he introduced set us back a bit. Part of recognizing the change is the impact it will have on us and the world around us. Is the change and growth we will receive worth the impact it will have on everyone else? If nothing else, it should change our world view. If you are alive and breathing, you must be ready for changes. If you want to live a full and complete life, you will need to be a professional changer.

Just the names on this list of quotes about change are a group of people that faced continual change in their own lives: Andy Warhol, Steve Jobs, and Maya Angelou stand out as true change lovers. Taste life to its fullest and richest of flavors. Indulge in change. Become the person you want overnight. Go ahead and buy the leather chaps and wear them. If you wear a nice outfit 3 days in a row, you had a fancy week.

If you want to make a change in your life, you have to commit to what it takes.

When God's Timing Is Taking Too Long

You have to bring that same atttitude and mentality to every aspect of your life. Discipline is the key to making lasting changes. You have to start the attitude change through changes in your behavior. You have to set the alarm for an hour earlier.