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I did a quick Internet search, and what do you know? Google spits ups thousands of pages, and several of the more popular novels are listed on the Internet Movie Database as films in production.

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What does this mean for the English novel? Is this the future of literature? In Japanese, maybe. First, Japanese grammar is much better suited than English to the kind of short sentences writing on a cell phone encourages. As a high-context language , a complete sentence in Japanese can consist of just a single, lonely verb.

Go figure. The use of Chinese characters also serves to compact sentences. Secondly, and perhaps just as important, cell phone novels tap into long traditions of Japanese prose and poetry. First, even a cursory examination of a cell phone novel will show a visual connection to the poetic traditions of haiku and tanka. The medium — you try typing a novel on the keypad of a cell phone — forces the writers to make every word count, and in Japanese at least it shows. The themes, as well, harken back to traditional Japanese themes. In manga, on television and in literature, the amatory exploits of high school students have always captured the imagination of the Japanese public.

And the long, long literary tradition there, combined with the frequent use of public transportation, means that books in general, whether written on cell phones or not, occupy a much more important place in Japanese culture than in the West.

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So what are these cell phone novels like? Translation note: Two things. This is more or less how it looks and reads in the original Japanese. The protagonist here does that frequently. This pain. This sadnessCried this much. This joy.

This love. This warmth.

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Look to the sky. Same as always, Mika puther lunchbox on her desk and opened it. School is a drag. The only thing I like about it is eating with Aya and Yuka, my friends from class. And stupid. Bright, tea-colored hair she dyed right after she got here. She stumbled out of middle school and right into average.

They once were told yellow is the color of happiness.”

She had normal friends. She had normal crushes. She dated three guys. But, what I know is normal,is that those relationships all ended fast. All she knows is how to fool around,Just that. Love…Who needs it? It was right then…I met you. Meeting you was going to change all that. Like always, Mika and Aya and Yukawolf down their food.

Why is it everyone gets so quiet when they eat? The classroom door rattles open,A guy with one hand in his pocketwalks overto the three of them. That guy, he stands in front of themAnd he starts talking. You heard of me? Just keep eating their lunches. A player. A flirt. A playboyIt seemed like he was walking around schoolwith a different girl on his arm every day. Eyes looking right at you, like they could see… something. The problem is his personality. Maybe… if he was a little more serious…With all those rumors floating around.

Mika, annoyed, grabbing a bottle of barley tea in one handgulping it all down. Just tell me your number. Mika and Yuka, looking at each other in disbelief. Aya gives him her number with a smile. I wait until Nozomu has left the room, all puffed up and full of himself. I like cute guys.

. In how many ways can 5 different books be tied up in three bundles?

I go home, and lay around in my room, watching TV. I wonder who it is…I pick-up to find out. Beep, beep, beep. They hung up. Prank call? Probably a wrong number. The same number as before. You remember? The guy who talked to you at lunch today! The Nozomu who hits on all the girls?

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That Nozomu? I start to panic. I should just hang up. Hate to be pedantic well, actually, I don't but it's Houellebecq. It's because of that e that it's pronounced well…, otherwise it would be hool…. After all that trouble, I'm felled by a lousy spelling error… Thanks for pointing it out. Unusual Suspects. Kill Switch. The Post-Modern Prometheus. Posted in Uncategorized.

This is an ambitious episode indeed. The opening teaser is one of my favorites in terms of sheer grossness. If they were looking for a way to catch my attention sans Mulder and Scully they found it. And for the record, there is no way, in earth or the world below, that I would kneel down on a cockroach infested floor coated in the grime of a thousand years in order to better inspect a rubber mummy in a tub. In case you wanted to know. Imagine if the nation that fed you, that bred you, were actually out to get you.

With that in mind that the decision to place this flashback tale within the context of the McCarthy hearings makes a lot of sense.

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And what do you know? Even the F. So was using the actor we already knew. Not only to we get more insight into his strained relationship with his son before he was killed but we learn about what kind of man he was. Here was a man who, though compromised, ultimately had a Jiminy Cricket sized conscience. Too bad that unlike his son, he was unwilling or unable to openly fight for what he believed it.

But at least we know where Mulder got his subversive streak. This time, though, he seems a lot less sure of himself. Joke or not, it caused an uproar online. But what in the heck kind of species is that? What could kill people in such a fashion?

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Of all the things the government could do to make Super Soldiers, they attach arachnids to their innards?? Why am I thinking this hard about it anyway? I wonder if the fact that he was active in television during some of the communism scare is what caused Chris Carter to bring him back.