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You guys have the conversation then. I worked with people who have issues. But I am telling you right now, I wouldn't even let my clients talk to me the way that you guys talk to each other. Anyway, LeeAnne says to Cary: "I get it, that you have this thing with me. But you're gonna have to back down. Cary: "I don't have a thing with you. You're screaming at her. LeeAnne explains to Cary again that her "kill" is not your "kill.

It's slang. It means, 'Bye'. I can't breathe.

I cannot catch a breath, I'm laughing so hard. Girl, if I wake up my child laughing at this, I'm going to be forced to bring you a dictionary.

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That's all I'm saying. LeeAnne further explains: "It doesn't mean I'm going to take a knife and slit her throat. But I've been watching, dissecting it even, and reasonable is not a word I should use even near the title of this show. Cary's suddenly my stand-in -- again -- when she asks no one in particular: "What does 'kill' mean? And now she's asking Marie.

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Cary is giving me life! Good thing, because this scene went from mildly interesting to me wishfully thinking that Brandi would do another table roll. Poor Marie says, "It means that she was very angry. Awww, baby. Is that car out there yet? Cary says Marie is scared to tell the truth because she's afraid of the consequences. LeeAnne confesses, "The Charity World is everything to me. And the fact that Marie is out there laying land mines that could destroy me is just further betrayal. Tiffany is back in it.

I love that Courtney is just sitting there giving good side-eye. Tiffany says that it's not OK but she knows what LeeAnne means with the words that come out of her mouth. I'm not perfect. There, there. Tiffany confesses: "Why is everyone condemning LeeAnne and Marie's a saint? It sucks. It hurts. And no one's even acknowledging it. Because she said she'd kill Marie. Death trumps betrayal. Every time. Brandi: "We need to all go to therapy. You need to all go away.

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For at least a few minutes. Ah, commercial break, I love you. LeeAnne confesses that she's not happy with how she behaved. Oh, well, Marie, perhaps you can stay after all. LeeAnne says they were all getting along and that she let one person get her to the point where she's ruined it with all these women. I don't think she needs to worry. Everyone on this show has proven they get over stuff pretty quickly.

Just ask that taxi to bring some more "Jesus juice" and everything will be all right. I'm not advocating alcohol as a salve, but with these women, it might as well be a white flag. Tiffany goes outside to check on her. LeeAnne says she's leaving because Cary is going to sit there "and be judgmental all she wants. Tiffany says that they can just stay out of each other's territories. LeeAnne wakes up a sleeping dog. I wish she'd put that back where she found it.

LeeAnne compares breaking up a marriage to yelling at someone. LeeAnne talks about her enough that Dr.

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Deuber's ex-wife might as well be another character on this show. Wow, she's minimized what just happened. Just, wow. Also, was she there? Did she witness that?

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Who told her that? Seems like it's the same type of thing as the poop-in-a-bag story. Unless there's videotaped evidence, then it's all hearsay. Tiffany gets something right: "They have the right to be upset. Let's let them be upset. Let them get over it. You don't need to leave. You're staying. And You've apologized. Let's move on.

You're not going anywhere. Tiffany just doesn't want to be left behind. Quiet as it's kept, I think she's skating on thin ice herself. Inside, Marie says people have a tendency to hurt the people they love the most. Stephanie calls bull: "She hurts everybody. She doesn't love me. She hurts everybody like that. Who did this? Who sent Brandi in to check on LeeAnne?

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Brandi says they're going to the Four Seasons. LeeAnne closes the door and tells Brandi she's not perfect. And that nobody is. We know that, too. And then LeeAnne whispers it's not fair. I sat there and took everything that everyone did to me.

So when you try to do [expletive] to me as an adult, I use my voice," LeeAnne whispers. To threaten to kill people. And, alternately, to lift them up like when she spoke at the event last episode. Methinks she needs to relearn the life lesson she was teaching those women. My brain hurts. Brandi: "What she did to Marie was awful. But Brandi says that every time, LeeAnne runs. And now she thinks LeeAnne needs to stay, to take ownership.

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I hope it's a trap. Brandi called her on it and LeeAnne agrees: "My whole M. Like the man said, "Keep hope alive. Quiet as it's kept, Cary's trying to leave, too: "Get me out of the psych ward! They arrive at the Four Seasons. Courtney could not look any cooler.