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When you're done with the kill and you have the witch's head, you can stay and kill the other witches in the area if you want. The extra heads are used to cure yourself and the other Companions of lycanthropy, if you ever decide you'd like to stop being a werewolf but why would you?

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When you return to Whiterun and Jorrvaskor, you discover the Silver Hand has attacked. The Purity of Revenge quest begins. Vilkas will accompany you. Go into the Driftshade Cellar. Avoid the traps within. Kill any Silver Hands you find to get rid of the organization once and for all. Retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad and return to Whiterun.

Start the Glory of the Dead quest. Complete Glory of the Dead quest After attending Kodlak's funeral, talk to Eorlund and give him the fragments of the Wuuthrad get the final one from Kodlak's room in Jorrvaskor. It's in his bedside table.

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When you give Eorlund the last fragment, you'll get the Wuuthrad. Travel to Ysgramor's Tomb and give the axe to the statue to gain passage. Slay any enemies you encounter. In the burial chamber, put one of the Glenmoril Witch heads in the fire, and fight the wolf that emerges. When the wolf's defeated, talk to Kodlak again. The standard Skyrim marriage rules generally apply here.

You'll have to let him explain how marriage works in Skyrim before he'll sell you the amulet.

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Equip the amulet, and talk to Aela. If she's interested, and she should be by this point, you should see extra dialogue options indicating as much. Select them to perform a proposal. Talk to Maramal to arrange your marriage. The ceremony usually takes place about 24 hours after kicking off wedding preparations.

Don't stray too far from the Temple, otherwise you may wind up inadvertently leaving your bride at the altar.

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It's not a smart idea to stand up a werewolf. Nadia Oxford Staff Writer Nadia has been writing about games for so long, only the wind and the rain or the digital facsimiles thereof remember her true name.

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