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Needless to say, it was a memorable vacation and a fitting backdrop for my book. Cynthia says building out real three-dimensional characters is the most intriguing and challenging part of story development.

My cops mimic real detectives, and my villains are based on real offenders. Their crimes are frightening and horrifying, not only to the public, but to the cops that catch them. Think Ted Bundy! I work hard at capturing the fear and frustration the detectives live with on the job, while still trying to maintain a balanced family life.

I emailed them a copy of a coupon I created for fundraising. Simply stated: the high school or local charity can sell as many coupons as they can. My only involvement is setting up the discount code for my book and emailing one coupon to the schools to make copies. All earnings from the sale go directly to the school. Right now, they are selling car washes to raise money. The students are standing at busy intersections, distracting drivers by waving car wash signs.

The Vice Principal at one school told me they sold more coupons in thirty minutes, than car washes on a Saturday. Note: There is no downside. Cynthia also credits her book trailer with a significant increase in sales.

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I researched book trailers and found it was not difficult to create one and it cost very little out of pocket. I can only attribute the rise in sales to the book trailer. In addition, I think it would be beneficial to authors if we could add a book trailer link next to our online books, if the author chooses to do so. Cynthia says that as a first-time author with only one book, she felt it was more important to become known to a reading audience than to make money from one book. She has approached military blogs and pages and offered her book free for thirty days.